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News Releases
Oct 07, 2014 President Caret launches fourth statewide bus tour
Oct 01, 2014 UMass named one of 100 best universities in the world
Sep 10, 2014 UMass raises $116 million in FY 2014, adds 21,360 new donors, as endowment hits record $757 million
Sep 03, 2014 UMass system enrollment reaches a record 73,614 students
Aug 25, 2014 Charles J. Pagnam to become full-time leader of UMass Foundation
Jul 30, 2014 UMass ranked as world leader in U.S. patent awards
Jul 17, 2014 UMass to open downtown center for academic programs, UMass Club and administrative offices
Jul 14, 2014 UMass President announces Science & Technology awards
Jul 08, 2014 UMass President awards $270,000 to faculty for creative economy initiatives
Jun 30, 2014 Legislature approves major funding increase for UMass, funds would provide for second tuition-fee freeze
Jun 19, 2014 Chairman Henry M. Thomas III calls UMass Medical School 'an epic success'
Jun 18, 2014 UMass trustees approve second tuition-and-fee freeze
Jun 11, 2014 UMass trustee committee approves second consecutive tuition-and-fee freeze
May 22, 2014 UMass pumped $6.1 billion into Massachusetts economy in 2013
May 14, 2014 President Caret praises Senate budget proposal; UMass poised to realize two-year, $100 million state funding increase
May 05, 2014 University of Massachusetts and Vertex award four-year scholarship to Boston Public School student
Apr 09, 2014 President Caret says budget proposed by House ushers in ''a new era of investment in the University of Massachusetts''
Mar 31, 2014 UMass cuts ribbon on welcome center at new satellite center
Mar 24, 2014 President Caret announces faculty grants to aid in bringing research to market
Mar 12, 2014 New report rates UMass performance
Feb 26, 2014 University of Massachusetts saving $226 million through innovative efficiency program
Feb 12, 2014 UMass funds fastest-growing category of student financial aid
Jan 29, 2014 President Caret praises Speaker DeLeo for his focus on UMass and commitment to public higher education
Jan 16, 2014 Pointing to quality and affordability benefits, UMass student trustees urge second year of 50-50 funding
Dec 16, 2013 Final public forum scheduled on UMass multi-campus hazard mitigation planning project
Dec 11, 2013 UMass trustees mourn passing of Nelson Mandela, praise his contribution to South Africa and the world
Dec 04, 2013 UMass to seek $519 million in state funding, increase would trigger second consecutive tuition-and-fee freeze
Nov 26, 2013 Governor Patrick and University of Massachusetts announce downtown Springfield satellite center to create growth and opportunity in the region
Oct 17, 2013 Joined by House Speaker DeLeo, President Caret ends statewide bus tour with call to strengthen University's ties to biopharmaceutical industry
Oct 17, 2013 President Caret promotes innovation and technology on third day of bus tour
Oct 16, 2013 President Caret highlights mission of service in meeting with mayors
Oct 15, 2013 UMass 'ready to play a larger role' in Springfield, says President Caret, on the first day of his statewide bus tour
Oct 15, 2013 President Caret launches third statewide bus tour, focuses on UMass impact and need for public and private support
Sep 25, 2013 UMass makes major strides in energy efficiency efforts
Sep 18, 2013 Student enrollment at University of Massachusetts surges to record level
Sep 11, 2013 UMass trustees committee backs $3.8 billion capital plan, seeks to continue era of 'dramatic transformation' of campuses
Sep 04, 2013 UMass surpasses annual fundraising goal, raises $103.7 million
Aug 27, 2013 UMass joins White House effort to aid veterans on campuses
Aug 19, 2013 UMass among top universities with highest licensing revenue per research dollar spent
Aug 06, 2013 UMass exploring creation of satellite center in downtown Springfield
Jul 23, 2013 UMass President awards $250,000 to faculty for creative economy initiatives
Jul 15, 2013 UMass President awards $830,000 for faculty science and technology projects
Jul 12, 2013 UMass leaders praise funding increase, announce tuition and mandatory fee freeze
Jul 01, 2013 UMass officials: State budget passed by the Legislature would fund tuition and fee freeze, opens 'a new chapter' in UMass history
Jun 19, 2013 UMass trustees reiterate desire for tuition and fee freeze, authorize increase if state funding falls short
Jun 13, 2013 Public forum scheduled on UMass multi-campus hazard mitigation planning project
Jun 12, 2013 UMass Building Authority elects Philip W. Johnston as Board Chairman
May 20, 2013 Student trustees urge Massachusetts Senate to boost UMass funding
May 15, 2013 President Caret: UMass will continue to advocate for funds to support tuition-and-fee-freeze
May 13, 2013 UMass announces posthumous degree for Marathon victim, other memorials and initiatives
Apr 30, 2013 University of Massachusetts honors longtime Trustee and Board Chairman
Apr 30, 2013 UMass poised for major state funding increase that would result in tuition and fee freeze
Apr 30, 2013 UMass Board of Trustees approves honorary degree for Boston Police Commissioner Davis
Apr 10, 2013 President Caret Applauds House Committee’s education budget proposal
Mar 25, 2013 UMass awards research grants for faculty technology
Mar 08, 2013 UMass issues bonds to finance more campus construction, interest rates reflect confidence in management and efficiency steps
Feb 27, 2013 New UMass report helps public monitor University's performance
Feb 13, 2013 UMass research spending surpasses half billion mark for third straight year
Feb 06, 2013 UMass distributes record amount of financial aid
Jan 15, 2013 President Caret praises Governor Patrick education proposal, underscores support for 50-50 funding
Dec 12, 2012 President Caret warns of 'fiscal cliff' danger for UMass
Dec 12, 2012 Former chairman, longtime trustee steps down from UMass board
Dec 05, 2012 UMass unveils state funding request for Fiscal Year 2014
Nov 29, 2012 President Caret announces new accountability measure in Chamber speech
Oct 03, 2012 President Caret touts technology, innovation on statewide bus tour
Oct 03, 2012 President Caret, Senate President Murray tour UMass Cranberry Station to highlight new research and annual cranberry harvest
Oct 02, 2012 President Caret, Speaker Robert A. DeLeo visit UMass Boston Venture Development Center to highlight cutting-edge research and entrepreneurial development
Oct 01, 2012 President Caret mounts statewide bus tour, points to 'singular contribution' as UMass approaches 150th anniversary
Sep 20, 2012 President Caret joins state leaders in new push to improve higher education
Sep 19, 2012 Student enrollment at UMass rises to record level
Sep 12, 2012 UMass Trustees Committee approves $3.1 billion capital plan
Sep 10, 2012 Henry M. Thomas III welcomed as new chairman, praised for record of service
Sep 07, 2012 UMass accessible, affordable choice for most state residents, report says
Aug 28, 2012 UMass maintains perch as national licensing leader, new survey finds
Jun 27, 2012 UMass President awards $250,000 to faculty for creative economy initiatives
Jun 18, 2012 UMass President awards $750,000 for Innovative Faculty Research
Jun 11, 2012 President Caret unveils STEM education initiative at Capitol Hill forum
Jun 06, 2012 UMass trustees approve fee increase, call for future two-year freeze
Jun 05, 2012 Seeking "moderate course" on tuition and fees, UMass committee approves 4.9 percent increase
May 23, 2012 UMass research spending climbs to nearly $600 million
Apr 19, 2012 Dr. Divina Grossman elected Chancellor of UMass Dartmouth
Mar 26, 2012 University of Kentucky Provost Appointed Chancellor of UMass Amherst
Mar 26, 2012 Six finalists selected in UMass Dartmouth Chancellor search
Mar 22, 2012 President Caret announces CVIP Technology Fund recipients
Mar 15, 2012 University of Massachusetts President Robert L. Caret elected to the Board of American Council on Education
Mar 09, 2012 Chancellor finalists to visit UMass Amherst campus next week
Mar 08, 2012 President Caret touts UMass role in central Massachusetts economy
Mar 07, 2012 UMass search yields four finalists for Amherst Chancellor
Feb 15, 2012 President Caret offers views on UMass role in South Coast economic development, Dartmouth chancellor search
Feb 10, 2012 UMass tops list for biotech patents in Massachusetts
Feb 06, 2012 UMass financial aid rises to record levels
Jan 26, 2012 UMass cited as national licensing income leader
Jan 26, 2012 President Caret lays out UMass role in Pioneer Valley
Jan 11, 2012 Compensation Committee finds arrangements with former President Wilson are consistent with standard higher education practice


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