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Fulbright Issue 2007

SPECIAL EDITION- Fulbright Issue 2007

"Fostering leadership, learning and empathy between cultures was and remains the purpose of the international scholarship program." - Senator J. William Fulbright

Newsletter Overview

Passport UMass is a vibrant electronic newsletter issued in collaboration with International Relations Advisory Council. Its purpose is to highlight and publicize the great international accomplishments and initiatives of faculty, staff and students on the campuses. The newsletter contains "Worldview News Compass", "Faculty Highlights", "Student Embassy" and "Gateway Events". These are categories that are used to capture the pieces of our campuses' international brilliance.

This newsletter has a wide audience and is created for multiple forms of distribution. The International Relations Advisory Council receives an electronic copy via email and is able to send it out through email distribution lists. It is also located on the UMass International Relations website which contains other news items, international events, photos and a searchable international database with student, faculty, staff and alumni opportunities and initiatives. Past issues can be seen on the UMass International Relations Website.

Fulbright Program Overview

The U.S. Fulbright Program is one of those unique programs that helps our campus community engage in international activities. The Fulbright program began in 1946 as an act of the U.S. Congress in order to "enable the government of the United States to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries."

The promotion of this program is possible only by highlighting the accomplishments of those who engage in these opportunities. The University of Massachusetts is honored to have accomplished scholars and students take part in this beneficial program where the transfer of knowledge transcends geographical boundaries. In this special edition we will showcase a small sample of the numerous international students and faculty engaged with the university both at home and abroad.

Fulbright Events

UMass Amherst- Fulbright Celebration
Last year UMass Amherst hosted the first annual Fulbright celebration. Nearly 100 current and former Fulbright fellows were honored Nov. 29, 2006 as the Graduate School celebrated the campus's longtime participation in the international academic exchange program. This year the Graduate School will celebrate its 100th Anniversary and include the Fulbright recipients in this great celebration in April 2008. More...

UMass Faculty: Fulbright Scholars- Ranging from Health Sciences to History

Fulbright Scholar Program Highlights

The Fulbright program offers scholars the ability to exercise their intellectual knowledge and global perspectives by supporting international research. UMass engages with this program through faculty members such as UMass Lowell's Fulbright in Norway, Jonathan Silverman. Dr. Silverman, a new Professor of English, is in Norway this semester. Another example is UMass Boston's faculty member, Jorgelina Abbate Vaughn. Dr. Abbate Vaughn is a professor in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction from the Graduate College of Education. She is a Fulbright, who will be going abroad to the Dominican Republic. She will be leaving in Spring 2008. The value of this program is rooted in its ability to appeal to a number of different faculty, professionals and students in a variety of different disciplines engaged in a number of different countries.

UMass Amherst- Fulbright Visiting Scholars

Fulbright faculty members offer the university a great advantage to gain and promote international knowledge and initiatives. There are many different countries and disciplines involved in this program. The University not only has its own faculty members travel abroad, but gains knowledge from those international scholars who receive Fulbright awards when they travel to the UMass campuses. Those visiting the Amherst campus this academic year are Hakima Bahri, Agriculture, from Morocco; Samir Diouny, Linguistics from Morocco; Amr Ebidi, Chemistry, from Egypt; Mulu Bayray Kahsay, Engineering, from Ethiopia and Gulnara Kussainova, Linguistics, from Kazakhstan.

UMass Amherst- Carbaugh appointed Fulbright professor in Finland

Professor Donal Carbaugh, Department of Communication, has been appointed the Fulbright Foundation's Bicentennial Chair and Distinguished Professor at the University of Helsinki for the 2007-08 academic year, which is the oldest and most established of the Fulbright Distinguished Chairs and was created in 1976 to institutionalize the teaching of American history, culture, and language at the University of Helsinki. More...

UMass Amherst- Agustin Lao-Montes Received Fulbright Fellowship
Mr. Lao-Montes is a faculty member in the Department of Sociology and has been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to Colombia during the Fall Semester of 2007. Lao-Montes has been active in global awareness activities such as the 29th annual gathering of the Political Economy of the World System. More...

UMass Amherst- Engineering Professor, Dr. Sarina J. Ergas Travels to Israel
UMass Amherst faculty member Dr. Ergas is in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Chief Undergraduate Advisor. Her research interests include, but are not limited to biological water and wastewater treatment, biological air pollution control, and biological drinking water treatment. She received a Fulbright to travel to Israel this academic year 2007-2008. More...

UMass Boston- Lilijana Cickaric, Visiting Fulbright Fellow

Lilijana Cickaric is a Visiting Fulbright Scholar in the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy at the McCormack Graduate School at UMass Boston. She is a Research Fellow in the Institute of Social Sciences in Belgrade, Serbia, and teaches courses in Sociology as a faculty member in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade. More...

UMass Lowell's Susan Woskie travels to Thailand
Professor Woskie in the School of Health and Environment at UMass Lowell. She is a Fulbright scholar in Thailand this semester. More...


UMass Fulbright Students

UMass Worcester- Current Medical Student and Former UMB student, Tim Menz receives Fulbright grant

UMass Boston graduate Tim Menz '06, a pre-med student determined to champion children's rights, was recently awarded a Fulbright grant to work alongside doctors seeking to decrease the high infant mortality rate in India. Menz is now a UMass Medical School student. More...


UMass Lowell- Teacher Cherishes His Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience
Imagine spending five months in a country of your choice and doing what you passionately love to do. That's what Patrick Kaplo, recent UML Graduate School of Education Masters' degree graduate, does as a participant in the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program. Since summer he has been teaching physics at K.V. Tirumalagiri High School in Hyderabad, India, about 750 miles south of New Delhi. More...

UMass Dartmouth- Record Number of Fulbright International Students study at Dartmouth

As exciting as it is to have UMass faculty, staff and students receive Fulbright awards, it is equally exciting to host international recipients on the campuses. This year UMass Dartmouth hosts six international students who are part of the Fulbright Program; the most ever hosted in one year at the Dartmouth campus. They are: Nizar Al Wazir an MBA graduate student from Palestine; Iulia Anca Geanta, a Textile/Fiber Arts graduate student from Romania; Sina Rosow, a Social Science undergraduate from Germany; Filipe Alvarenga Fernandes, a School of Marine Science graduate student from Brazil; Lucia Rueda Ramirez, School of Marine Science graduate student from Spain and Enrique Montes, a School of Marine Science graduate student from Venezuela.

UMass Campuses Host Student Fulbright Interviews

UMass students are eligible to apply for the Fulbright Program and the deadline for applications takes place in October each year. Two of the campuses have Fulbright Program Advisors. Dr. Susan Gore is the Fulbright advisor for Boston students and Dr. Susan Whitbourne is the advisor for Amherst students. Dartmouth and Lowell students may apply as "at large" candidates without going through a campus advisor. On campus interviews for finalists will be held during the month of October. More...

UMass Amherst Students in the Fulbright Program

UMass Amherst has nearly 40 Fulbright students studying on campus this year. They represent over 20 countries including Trinidad & Tobago, Pakistan, Germany, Indonesia and Kenya. Their fields of study include Education, English, and Engineering, among others.


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