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UMass Dartmouth- Professor of Islamic History is Interviewed

In a recent NPR interview, UMass Dartmouth Professor of Islamic History Brian Glyn Williams expressed reasons for caution as the new administration considers negotiation with members of the Taliban. "There are die-hard elements who will never stop the Jihad"--who will conclude, after recent Taliban successes, that "our efforts to reach out to them are perhaps a sign of weakness." ("Will Obama Sign off on New Strategy?" November 10, 2008)

Dr. Williams, an internationally recognized expert in terrorist organizations and Afghan warlords, has been featured recently in many national and international publications and on major television and news outlets, including National Public Radio, Washington Post, New York Times, Times (of London), Chicago Tribune, BBC and numerous foreign presses including Toronto Star, Arab Times, Daily Times (Pakistan), and Ansa (Italy's largest press). Dr. Williams testified in July at the Guantanamo war-crimes trial of Osama bin Laden's driver. These activities are on Dr. Williams' Directory of Media Interviews:
Dr. Williams has been a presenter at events sponsored by the Jamestown Foundation, an influential non-partisan Washington-based think tank focusing on Eurasia, China and the world of terrorism. He has also lectured at the University of London, and presents a comprehensive compilation of his work and ideas at
In a 2007 "Dispatch from Afghanistan," Williams wrote,"...Perhaps the greatest reward for traveling to places like Afghanistan is not the thrill of meeting foreigners and coming to see them in three dimensional terms as fellow humans or even the excitement of exploring alien landscapes, but gaining new found appreciation for the place you are from.... If even a few Americans come to define the Muslim lands I have seen ... as worthy of interest instead of reflexive distrust and fear, then my long journey will have been worth it."