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UMass Boston- Lilijana Cickaric, Visiting Fulbright Fellow

Lilijana Cickaric is a Visiting Fulbright Scholar in the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy at the McCormack Graduate School at UMass Boston. She is a Research Fellow in the Institute of Social Sciences in Belgrade, Serbia, and teaches courses in Sociology as a faculty member in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade. She has a Ph.D in Sociology in the field of Political Socialization and Gender Studies. Her recent research interests are participation and representation of women in politics and decision-making processes worldwide and gender equality mechanisms and gender mainstreaming in public and social policy. She is the author of numerous publications concerning the women's movement in Serbia and transitional societies and women's advocacy in the building of civil society. Her most recent article on nationalism, ethnic conflicts, and women's resistance in Serbia was published in Women's Movements, Networks and Debates in Post-communist Countries in the 19th and 20th Centuries, ed. M. Saurer, E. Lanzinger, and E. Frysak. Vienna: L'Homme, 2006. During the fall semester, Dr. Cickaric will be doing a study of women's political participation in the US in comparison to Europe and transitional democracies.