International Relations


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UMass Amherst- Campus Hosts Fulbright Scholars and Students

The UMass Amherst campus is currently hosting two visiting Fulbright Scholars.  Professor Shi-Chul Lee from Kyungpook National University of South Korea is conducting research in the Department of Political Science under the sponsorship of Professor John Hird, Chair of the Department.  Professor Jane Fountain of the Public Policy Administration Program has sponsored Professor Fang Wang of Nankai University of the People's Republic of China.

This academic year the Amherst campus is also host to twenty-two international Fulbright students; all but one of these students are enrolled in graduate programs.  The students come from 19 different countries including Brazil, Latvia, Cyprus, Argentina, Germany, South Africa, Russia, Indonesia, Laos, China, and Pakistan.  They are studying in a wide variety of fields: Plant Science, Communication, Sport Management, Public Health, Education, Art, Computer Science, Linguistics, Chemical Engineering, Microbiology, Economics, Physics, Asian Languages and Literatures, and Afro-American Studies.