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International News
Dec 30, 2007 UMass Dartmouth Educators recognized for contribution to university
Dec 24, 2007 UMass Dartmouth- Goal of Azorean trip is joint marine science research
Dec 24, 2007 UMass Amherst- Campbell’s photos exhibited in Amherst
Dec 20, 2007 UMass Lowell- Research Exposes Health Hazards in Nail Salons
Dec 20, 2007 UMass Lowell- Worker Safety Program Receives $2.7 Million Grant
Dec 19, 2007 UMass Amherst Professor addresses environmental forum in China
Dec 19, 2007 UMass Amherst- Scandinavian Studies minor approved
Dec 18, 2007 UMass Lowell Professor’s Work Covers Four Decade
Dec 14, 2007 UMass Amherst Professor lectures at Israeli university
Dec 12, 2007 UMass Amherst Professor Anna Nagurney Given Fulbright Grant to the University of Catania, Italy
Dec 04, 2007 UMass Amherst Professor to discuss new book on political ecology in Hungary
Dec 03, 2007 UMass Lowell Hosts International Meeting Dec. 6-7
Dec 03, 2007 UMass Amherst Student Katie Huston Awarded Prestigious Marshall Scholarship
Dec 03, 2007 UMass Lowell Researcher Helps to Barcode Life on Earth
Dec 03, 2007 UMass Boston Professor digs less to learn more about Vikings
Nov 30, 2007 UMass Lowell- Chancellor Meehan to Receive Lamp of Liberty Award
Nov 30, 2007 UMass Lowell- Michael Dukakis Shares World View
Nov 30, 2007 UMass Lowell- Asian Education Leader Pays a Visit
Nov 28, 2007 Africa drumming and dancing featured at UMass Dartmouth
Nov 28, 2007 UMass Amherst- With partner in Iraq, K9 Zeke teams up with Varosky
Nov 28, 2007 UMass Amherst Campus hosts 5 Fulbright scholars; 3 faculty teaching overseas
Nov 28, 2007 UMass Amherst Professor serves on international film festival jury
Nov 28, 2007 Javanese Gamelan music featured at UMass Dartmouth
Nov 26, 2007 UMass Amherst Professor awarded Humboldt Fellowship
Nov 15, 2007 UMass Lowell Graduate Student 'Attends' Class from the Middle East
Nov 15, 2007 UMass Lowell Gets Visibility in Düsseldorf
Nov 15, 2007 UMass Amherst- Professor gives keynotes EuroMAB conference in Turkey
Nov 14, 2007 UMass Amherst Mental Health staff address international trauma conference
Nov 12, 2007 UMass Amherst- Research by Education graduate students gains notice
Nov 09, 2007 University of Massachusetts International Week Activities
Nov 05, 2007 UMass Amherst- Professor speaks at international seminar in Chile
Nov 05, 2007 UMass Lowell- Work Environment Project Reaches Brazilian Community
Nov 05, 2007 UMass Lowell- Researchers Study Greenhouse Gases Emitted by Wetlands
Nov 02, 2007 UMass Amherst- Grant supports polar science studies in schools
Nov 02, 2007 UMass Amherst and Area Colleges Host Overseas Educational Advisers
Nov 01, 2007 University of Massachusetts President presents at Jordan Conference
Oct 31, 2007 UMass Amherst- Professor Back from Korea discusses expanding role of alternative investments center
Oct 29, 2007 UMass Boston Professor Speaks about UN's Role in Darfur Massacre
Oct 29, 2007 UMass Lowell- Indian Student Association Helps Newcomers Adjust to Campus
Oct 29, 2007 UMass Lowell- Momentum Builds Toward Study Abroad Program
Oct 23, 2007 UMass Amherst Professor named to commission on Rusyn language
Oct 22, 2007 UMass Amherst School of Education Hosts Afghanistan Educators on Teacher Training Study Tour
Oct 22, 2007 UMass Lowell Center Helps Companies Comply with New European Union Chemicals Rule
Oct 19, 2007 UMass Amherst- Top German Research Universities Named
Oct 17, 2007 UMass Amherst- Chakravartty co-edits new book on global communication
Oct 16, 2007 UMass Amherst Professor speaks at UCLA, tribute to Kovács
Oct 15, 2007 UMass Lowell- Professor Teaches Physical Therapy – in Peruvian Andes
Oct 15, 2007 UMass Lowell- TURI, Work Environment Join in Grass-Roots Partnership
Oct 14, 2007 UMass Amherst- Professor receives $416,550 grant to study effects of volcanoes on climate change in Arctic
Oct 14, 2007 UMass Amherst- Orelus to discuss new book at local store
Oct 14, 2007 UMass Amherst- Speaker to discuss global water crisis
Oct 14, 2007 UMass Amherst- Conference examines Rome and its civil wars
Oct 14, 2007 UMass Amherst- Historian to analyze elections in Poland
Oct 14, 2007 UMass Boston and UWI to exchange students
Oct 12, 2007 UMass Lowell- Center Helps Companies Comply with New European Union Chemicals Rule
Oct 12, 2007 UMass Amherst Geoscientist Receives Grant to Study Effects of Volcanoes on Climate Change in Arctic
Oct 12, 2007 UMass Lowell- Prof. Dave Lewis ‘Races’ Volkswagen Beetle Through Africa
Oct 10, 2007 UMass Amherst Professor keynotes ‘Romance’ conference in Scotland
Oct 05, 2007 Liberia: Journalists Meet ICJ in the U.S.
Oct 04, 2007 UMass Amherst Professor awarded Fraenkel Prize for manuscript
Oct 02, 2007 UMass Amherst Professor addresses EU ministerial delegates on e-government
Oct 01, 2007 UMass Boston- McCormack School Conference to Bring Together Truth and Reconciliation Leaders
Oct 01, 2007 UMass Boston- Lilijana Cickaric, Visiting Fulbright Fellow
Oct 01, 2007 UMass Lowell Professor Visits Japan
Oct 01, 2007 UMass Lowell Computer Science Major Travels to Germany
Sep 28, 2007 UMass Boston wins grant for Nigerian Youth Leaders Exchange Program
Sep 26, 2007 UMass Amherst Professor receives international educator award
Sep 26, 2007 Former Cape Verdean president to present talk at UMass Dartmouth
Sep 20, 2007 UMass Amherst professor appointed Fulbright professor in Finland
Sep 19, 2007 UMass Amherst professor keynotes meeting at Cambridge University
Sep 17, 2007 UMass Dartmouth- Writer Frank X. Gaspar participates in colloquium on Contemporary Portuguese-American Literature
Sep 17, 2007 UMass Boston continues to expand its Study Abroad programs
Sep 11, 2007 UMass Boston- International Scholars at UMass Boston Explore How Muslim Women Are Confronting Religious and Social Barriers Across Islam
Sep 10, 2007 UMass Amherst- Linguistics delegation prominent at Barcelona conference
Sep 10, 2007 UMass Amherst- Engineers Without Borders aim to aid rubber tappers in Amazon
Sep 10, 2007 UMass Amherst- Travel Experience Enriches Education, Sense of Self
Sep 10, 2007 UMass Boston- College of Management to Launch Master of Science in International Management
Sep 09, 2007 UMass Amherst- Brazilian cabinet member to speak on eliminating racial discrimination
Sep 04, 2007 UMass Boston- McCormack Graduate School professor leads secret Iraq peace talks
Sep 01, 2007 UMass Amherst- The Rockefeller Foundation to Host Bellagio Center Conference
Aug 30, 2007 UMass Boston MBA Students Travel to China to Study Entrepreneurship
Aug 21, 2007 UMass Amherst Students Organize Relief Aid for Peruvian Earthquake Survivors
Aug 20, 2007 Ghana Parliament Members Visit UMass Lowell
Aug 17, 2007 UMass Lowell Punnett Chairs Organizing Committee for International Conference
Aug 15, 2007 UMass Lowell Doc Student Studies Vietnamese Safety Issues
Aug 15, 2007 UMass Lowell Professors Visit University in China
Aug 14, 2007 UMass Dartmouth Professor Wins Africa Beetle Race
Aug 09, 2007 UMass Amherst Agronomists Launch Brazilian Vegetable Events at Boston Markets
Aug 01, 2007 UMass Amherst- A Passion for Politics
Aug 01, 2007 UMass Medical- Attacking a Global Killer
Aug 01, 2007 Ambassadors from Beijing Introduced to UMass Lowell
Jul 30, 2007 UMass Dartmouth history professor editing encyclopedia of Chinese history
Jul 26, 2007 Funding plan benefits WMass
Jul 24, 2007 A haven of learning: Iraqis describe shift of students to safety
Jul 23, 2007 UMass Boston Gastón Institute hosts 22 emerging leaders from around the world
Jul 23, 2007 UMass Amherst Student Seeks Path to Stability and Influence
Jul 23, 2007 UMass Amherst Professor Awarded Fellowship to Study Arsenic Contamination in U.S. and Overseas
Jul 18, 2007 UMass Amherst student awarded Boren scholarship to study in Turkey
Jul 16, 2007 UMass Boston Research Teams Combine Archaeology, History
Jul 15, 2007 Nigeria: The Chris Okigbo Update - From Unesco to Harvard
Jul 13, 2007 UMass establishes Chinese technology base
Jul 13, 2007 UMass Amherst Professor lectures in Czech Republic
Jul 12, 2007 UMass Amherst professor honored by Colombian city for cultural contributions
Jul 11, 2007 Massive migration: In Sudan, a UMass Amherst student takes part in a startling discovery
Jul 09, 2007 UMass Lowell professor joins Volkswagen race across Africa
Jul 08, 2007 UMass Worcester International ENDORSE study shows that the majority of hospitalized patients surveyed are at risk for VTE and many do not receive recommended VTE prophylaxis
Jun 20, 2007 President of the Portuguese Republic to visit UMass Dartmouth
Jun 20, 2007 From Belfast to Baghdad: UMass Boston’s Moakley Scholar To Deliver Four Lectures on Peace and Reconciliation
Jun 20, 2007 UMass Students are awarded scholarships to study abroad
Jun 20, 2007 Physical Therapy Students Assist Impoverished Villages
Jun 20, 2007 UMass Lowell Psych Dept. Pushes For Cambodian Representation
Jun 20, 2007 Peru Project Honored
Jun 16, 2007 Baran presents papers in Brazil
Jun 15, 2007 UMass Boston Professor and Students Head for Iceland to Dig Into History
Jun 06, 2007 Isenberg School Students Practice Public Speaking in Italy
Jun 05, 2007 Seaman awarded research fellowship in Japan
May 24, 2007 Bushouse awarded Ian Axford Fellowship to New Zealand
May 21, 2007 Campus hosting International Trumpet Guild conference
May 18, 2007 Japan Society of Boston to honor Devi
May 16, 2007 Mednicoff completes lecture and research tour in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain
May 13, 2007 Fountain addresses EU conference in Norway
May 11, 2007 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and New Veterans
May 11, 2007 Irvine joins scientific committee for IAU symposium
May 10, 2007 Cathey knighted by Finnish government
May 07, 2007 Student Raises Awareness, Funds to Help Liberia
May 01, 2007 Jordanian student is heading to China to study international business
May 01, 2007 UMass Dartmouth, Millennium bcpbank announce partnership In Portuguese Studies
May 01, 2007 Bradley honored by European Geosciences Union
May 01, 2007 UMass Confucius Institute Sponsors Chinese Bridge Speech Contest
Apr 30, 2007 UMass Foundation Moves Forward on Sudan Divestment
Apr 25, 2007 UMass Boston: Emerging Leaders Program Honored in Europe as One of Three Finalists of International Competition in Management Education
Apr 23, 2007 WHERE ELEPHANTS WEEP Debuts in Lowell
Apr 17, 2007 Andrianopoulos to keynote symposium in Greece
Apr 17, 2007 Curran Kelleher to Study and Research Abroad
Apr 16, 2007 Library program to commemorate John Maki
Apr 16, 2007 UMass Boston Political Scientist Focuses on a New Civic Blueprint for Jerusalem
Apr 15, 2007 Israeli scholar to speak on new historical approaches to the Shoah
Apr 10, 2007 Campus hosts Engineers Without Borders-USA conference
Apr 09, 2007 UML Named Best Delegation at Model UN Competition
Apr 08, 2007 UML named Best Delegation at Model United Nations event
Mar 26, 2007 UMass Medical School Nobel Laureate Craig Mello Travels To China, Lectures at Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Mar 26, 2007 Azores President presents $100K to UMass Dartmouth Portugese-American archives
Mar 23, 2007 Peleg to Keynote European Conference
Mar 15, 2007 Pakistani Student Relishes UMass Amherst Experiences
Mar 09, 2007 UMass Amherst's Engineers Without Borders Return From Drinking Water Project in Kenya
Mar 08, 2007 Consulate Generals of Germany and Portugal to visit UMass Dartmouth March 13
Feb 18, 2007 Lowell educator connects with Iraqi minister
Feb 15, 2007 Mednicoff to attend London conference on Gulf Cooperation Council
Feb 13, 2007 Colecchia named director of education abroad for International Programs
Feb 08, 2007 University of Hamburg awards honorary degree to Matthews
Feb 06, 2007 Local Engineers Play Vital Role in Improving Infrastructure Around the Globe
Feb 06, 2007 UMass Lowell Conference:
Feb 04, 2007 Being green With the Revolving Museum's Jerry Beck on board, art meets science to support the environment in Africa
Feb 01, 2007 Multicultural Film Festival focuses on Latin America and Spain
Jan 14, 2007 Solar Power Expert Focuses on Peru
Jan 14, 2007 Presentation concerns educational computing
Jan 11, 2007 Zúñiga to help launch intercultural dialogue between Jewish and Arab youth in Chile
Jan 09, 2007 UMass Amherst Computer Science Faculty Teach in Ghana To Boost African Research, Development
Jan 02, 2007 Vokbus visits German institutions
Dec 30, 2006 The Newsletter of the Virtual Center for Supernetworks
Dec 22, 2006 New Antarctic drilling record to yield major climate data, says DeConto
Dec 18, 2006 Chinese judges on VOA for UMASS Program
Dec 07, 2006 Ibsen Project translating letters of Norwegian playwright
Dec 06, 2006 UMass Amherst Psychology Professor to Study Jumping Spiders in New Zealand on Fulbright Grant
Dec 05, 2006 Fulbright recipients recognized at dinner
Dec 05, 2006 Can Masks Prevent Spread of Pandemic Flu? Prof. Milton Chosen to Answer the Question
Dec 05, 2006 UMass Boston Alumnus Receives Fulbright to Study High Infant Mortality Rates in India
Dec 04, 2006 UMass and China in New Partnership
Dec 02, 2006 Findings Presented to International Council in Nov.
Dec 02, 2006 Young Investigators Make International Connections
Dec 02, 2006 Mid-Career Retrospective Celebrates Iconic Imagery
Nov 27, 2006 Hair Loss Mystery Solved
Nov 26, 2006 Serum ties up with US lab for cheaper rabies antibody
Nov 20, 2006 UMass and Chinese Officials to Launch New University of Massachusetts Confucius Institute
Nov 20, 2006 China to sponsor institute at UMass
Nov 20, 2006 Madam Liu's Speech
Nov 16, 2006 $3.2 Million Grant Will Fund Polar Expedition To Siberian Lake, Led by UMass Amherst Scientist
Nov 13, 2006 Global Warming Experts Explore the Uncertain Future
Nov 04, 2006 New discoveries from Asia suggest the Dead Sea Scrolls may not be as old as we think
Nov 02, 2006 New England Conference of the Association for Asian Studies
Nov 01, 2006 Nobel laureate John Hume discusses conflict resolution during visit
Oct 31, 2006 Noted Japanese Author Yoko Tawada to Speak at UMass Amherst on Friday, Nov. 3
Oct 30, 2006 Isenberg School Students Discover China First-Hand
Oct 27, 2006 Town official travels the world for medical science: UMass group studies risks of blood clots
Oct 18, 2006 Two from Center for International Education address White House conference
Oct 16, 2006 Schweik serves as panelist at Beijing conference
Oct 16, 2006 Marching Toward Extinction?
Oct 05, 2006 Wallace awarded grant for Etruscan Texts Project
Oct 01, 2006 Justice for All?
Oct 01, 2006 Rx for H2O, in Two Parts
Oct 01, 2006 Into Africa
Oct 01, 2006 Opening Books, Unlocking Minds
Oct 01, 2006 UMass Boston Alumnus Receives Fulbright to Study High Infant Mortality Rates in India
Oct 01, 2006 CCDE Forum Builds US-China Connections
Sep 29, 2006 Global strategy imperative to keeping us competitive
Sep 28, 2006 Global Ed Requirement Connects SBS to the World
Sep 27, 2006 UMass student gets first hand look at Lebanon crisis
Sep 25, 2006 Student Finds Niche and a Passion for Human Rights
Sep 14, 2006 Author Salman Rushdie to give Troy Lecture Sept. 21
Sep 13, 2006 Irvine elected vice-president of bioastronomy commission
Sep 12, 2006 Bioneers by the Bay conference hosts internationally acclaimed gathering of scientific and social innovators
Sep 09, 2006 Professor Baiocchi Receives Community Action Research Grant
Sep 08, 2006 Altstadt briefs new ambassador to Azerbaijan
Sep 05, 2006 DEFA films to air on WGBY
Sep 05, 2006 UMass Boston Student Travels to Palestine for Human Rights Internship
Sep 01, 2006 Drakoulakos Has Travelled the World
Sep 01, 2006 Barrington named WFCR program director
Sep 01, 2006 From China, With Love
Aug 24, 2006 Rothstein appointed to Polish studies chair
Aug 22, 2006 Abercrombie leads classes at Taipei choral festival
Aug 21, 2006 Fountain keynotes public policy meeting in Japan
Aug 18, 2006 Nagurney to deliver keynote at Chinese Management Forum
Jul 12, 2006 Rebuilding Iraq: UMass Boston Reaches Out to University Officials from Baghdad
Jul 06, 2006 Political Scientist Works to Improve International Environmental Cooperation and More
Jul 05, 2006 $1.6 million grant for cancer drug programme - Australia
Jun 26, 2006 Mind Reading Computers In The Pipeline - London
Jun 23, 2006 PhD student awarded Fulbright to study impact of ancient Silk Road trade
Jun 04, 2006 Dutch scholar to present research on performance indicators
Jun 01, 2006 The Dimensions of Peace
Jun 01, 2006 Mednicoff receives Fulbright to teach and study in Qatar
May 31, 2006 Educational Opportunities, Intellectual Challenges Made Possible with Scholarships
May 25, 2006 Middle East Expert Links Issues of Politics and American Foreign Policy
May 24, 2006 Economics Graduate Student at UMass Receives Fulbright to Study Fair Trade Coffee in Peru
May 23, 2006 Afghan Women to Pursue Master's Degrees at Center for Public Policy and Administration
May 17, 2006 Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture to host forum at Library of Congress, May 19
May 03, 2006 UMass signs agreement with China's Tsinghua University
May 03, 2006 Cumberledge helps develop Iraqi Virtual Science Library
May 02, 2006 UMass Amherst senior named Fulbright Scholar - Germany
Apr 21, 2006 Conference: Rebuilding sustainable communities in Iraq: policies, programs and projects
Apr 20, 2006 Bhowmik awarded Fulbright to Bangladesh
Apr 19, 2006 Israeli Students Learn at UMass Medical education exchange ongoing since 1992
Apr 16, 2006 Fulbright lecturer to speak on Hong Kong and Shenzen
Apr 11, 2006 Ash awarded Fulbright Fellowship to Hungary
Apr 07, 2006 Campus exploring ties with University of Pretoria
Apr 03, 2006 UMass Professor Guy Lanza Receives Fulbright To Develop Public Health Programs In Vietnam
Mar 16, 2006 Global human rights focus of UMass Dartmouth lecture series
Mar 15, 2006 UMass Signs Agreement With China To Establish Confucius Institute
Mar 08, 2006 Celebration of International Women's Day - Dominican Republic
Mar 08, 2006 Former ambassador to Afghanistan to speak on the Amherst campus
Mar 01, 2006 Center awarded $8.1m to improve education in Afghanistan
Feb 26, 2006 Wildlife safaris in Botswana available to students, alumni
Feb 14, 2006 UML program brings light to remote areas of Peru
Feb 03, 2006 UMass Boston Honors Director and UMass Boston Students Work in South African HIV/AIDS Hospices Over Winter Break
Jan 24, 2006 Race/ethnicity found to be predictor in some HIV-1 therapy
Jan 19, 2006 UMass Amherst Professor Wilson teaching at American University of Beirut this academic year
Jan 09, 2006 The UMass Amherst campus hosts 6 faculty from Shaanxi Normal University
Dec 21, 2005 UMass Dartmouth Professor to Help Develop Prediction System for Brazil
Dec 08, 2005 Officials from UMass Amherst Travel to New Delhi To Launch International Education Collaborative
Dec 02, 2005 IHO's 4th AIDS India Conference at Harvard University
Nov 21, 2005 Agent Orange: A Continuing Legacy
Nov 21, 2005 Change in Photo Exhibit Date
Nov 18, 2005 The University of Massachusetts 2005-2006 Fulbright Scholars
Nov 15, 2005 CASA Board of Trustee Presentation
Nov 14, 2005 The University of Massachusetts Celebrates International Education Week
Oct 14, 2005 The 15th anniversary of the sister state relationship between the Prefecture of Hokkaido Japan and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Oct 12, 2005 South African Anti-Apartheid Leader to Speak at UMass Amherst and UMass Boston
Aug 23, 2005 CASA Board of Trustee Presentation
Aug 04, 2005 Frank Hugus Named to Head International Programs Office at UMass Amherst
Jul 26, 2005 Hugus completes busy European visit
Jun 20, 2005 European Vice President Addresses UMass Lowell Graduates
Jun 07, 2005 UMass Amherst Reaches Across the Globe to Assist Womens Health and Literacy Programs in Afghanistan
May 10, 2005 Leonel Fernández, President of the Dominican Republic, to Receive an Honorary Degree at UMass Bostons' 2005 Commencement
Jan 25, 2005 Dr. Marcellette G. Williams Appointed to Vice Presidency at UMass
Nov 04, 2004 UMass is rated as one of the 50 best universities in the world, according rankings compiled by the Times of London
Nov 01, 2004 President Wilson hosts Minister Frankenberg to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Baden-Württemberg system agreement
Oct 19, 2004 Honorary Degree to former President of Brazil, Dr Fernando Henrique Cardoso
Sep 20, 2004 President Wilson hosts Minister Corts to sign the UMass system and Hessen exchange agreement
Sep 08, 2004 President Wilson Keynote speaker at the THIRD ASEE INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM in Beijing, China
News Releases
Nov 20, 2006 UMass and Chinese Officials Launch The University of Massachusetts Confucius Institute
Nov 15, 2006 University of Massachusetts Celebrates International Education Week
Feb 22, 2006 University of Massachusetts Honors Nelson Mandela With Honorary Degree
Feb 21, 2006 UMass President Awards Medal to South African Anti-Apartheid Leader
Official Statements
Feb 22, 2006 Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and Graça Simbene Machel, Doctors of Humane Letters


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