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International News
Mar 04, 2011 UMass Worcester: Medical School team rebuilding health care in Liberia
Jan 12, 2011 UMass Dartmouth - A 'most inspirational' project
Jan 12, 2011 UMass Amherst - Ahern to head International Programs
Jan 12, 2011 UMass Boston - Fiske Center scientist John Steinberg analyzes ancient pollen samples from the Viking-age Iceland
Jan 12, 2011 UMass Medical School - Summer adventure turns into life-or-death rescue
Jan 11, 2011 UMass Medical School - Teach a man to fish...and to provide advanced cardiac support
Jan 07, 2011 UMass Lowell: Researchers Develop Superfast Computer Chip
Jan 03, 2011 UMass Lowell - Students, educators take classes worldwide during break
Dec 27, 2010 UMass Dartmouth - UMass Dartmouth professor, Lisbon student team up for academic paper
Dec 20, 2010 UMass Boston - South Africa in Context: The Story of Mac Maharaj
Dec 20, 2010 UMass Amherst - Botanist digs for plant samples
Dec 16, 2010 UMass Amherst - Loss of arctic ice may contribute to extinction
Dec 13, 2010 UMass Lowell - Local nursing students in Africa
Dec 10, 2010 UMass Dartmouth - NEH grant of $190, 470 awarded to UMass Dartmouth Professor Gerard M. Koot
Dec 07, 2010 UMass Amherst - Mei-Yau Shih named Fulbright specialist
Nov 30, 2010 UMass Medical School - International Impact: Keeping up with Fogarty Fellow Matthew Bartek
Nov 29, 2010 UMass Amherst - Whitbourne to serve on Fulbright review committee
Nov 25, 2010 UMass Amherst - Journal features summer Music Program in Ghana
Nov 24, 2010 UMass Boston - Campus hosts talk with Former Prime Minister of Haiti
Nov 23, 2010 UMass Amherst - Haas joins international debate on climate science and politics
Nov 23, 2010 UMass Boston - Daisaku Ikeda receives honorary degree from UMass Boston at special ceremony in Japan
Nov 19, 2010 UMass Amherst - Malkin receives honorary doctorate
Nov 10, 2010 UMass Amherst- German Higher Education Experts Visit the Campus
Nov 04, 2010 University of Massachusetts- It's International Education Week!
Nov 03, 2010 UMass Amherst- Student engineers design do-it-yourself water pump for Amazon
Nov 03, 2010 UMass Lowell- Nile to the Merrimack - A Selection of Contemporary Art from Egypt
Oct 29, 2010 UMass Worcester- International impact: Faculty travel to Ghana seeking clues to Worcester’s infant mortality mystery
Oct 28, 2010 UMass Amherst- Documenting the secret lives of bonefish
Oct 27, 2010 UMass Amherst- Scholarships Help Student Attain Goals
Oct 25, 2010 UMass Amherst- Researcher Edward Calabrese Receives International Award for Scientific Achievements
Oct 22, 2010 UMass Boston- Boston-led Consortium to Meet in Haiti to Plan Rebuild of Higher Education System
Oct 20, 2010 UMass Lowell-Israeli Engineering, Design School Honors Meehan at Event
Oct 14, 2010 UMass Worcester- Chancellor Collins’ travels in China cementing strong partnerships
Oct 14, 2010 UMass Boston- Campus Hosts International Symposium on Green Chemistry
Oct 13, 2010 UMass Dartmouth- Professors awarded federal Atlantis Grant
Oct 13, 2010 UMass Dartmouth- Net Impact UMass Dartmouth honored for second year in a row
Oct 13, 2010 UMass Lowell- Plans Include Development of Degree in Southeast Asian Studies
Oct 13, 2010 UMass Amherst- Graduates Awarded Fulbright Scholarships for International Teaching and Research
Oct 13, 2010 UMass Lowell- University Staff Member Reports on Teaching English in East Africa
Oct 10, 2010 UMass Boston- Workshop provides look at local government
Oct 08, 2010 UMass Worcester- Commonwealth Medicine expands its international public health efforts to fight TB
Oct 06, 2010 UMass Amherst- School of Education hosts South African look at U.S. diversity
Sep 28, 2010 UMass Boston- Campus Receives $100K Grant for Partnership with Bunker Hill and Scottish University
Sep 21, 2010 UMass Dartmouth- East Timor President Visits Campus
Sep 20, 2010 UMass Boston- Anti-Apartheid Activist Eddie Daniels to speak in Alumni Lounge on Wednesday
Sep 17, 2010 UMass Amherst- Campus Again Ranked 4th Nationally in Federal Gilman Scholarships for Study Abroad
Sep 16, 2010 University of Massachusetts- Rated One of the Best Universities in the World, Only New England Public University to Make "Gold Standard" List
Sep 08, 2010 UMass Amherst- Research Opportunity Supports Critical Thinker
Sep 07, 2010 UMass Dartmouth- New PhD in Mathematics Education Incorporates Global Linkages
Aug 23, 2010 UMass Lowell- Center for Irish Partnerships Expands Student Global Learning
Aug 23, 2010 UMass Amherst- Indonesian partnership helps reveal spectacular deep sea world
Aug 23, 2010 UMass Lowell- Immigrant Murals Depict Diverse Experiences
Aug 23, 2010 UMass Lowell- Discovery Channel Canada to Feature University Researchers
Aug 22, 2010 UMass Amherst- OPSAS becomes CMASS on Sept. 1
Aug 19, 2010 UMass Amherst- Rallis and Rossman present papers in Ramallah with former grad students
Aug 19, 2010 UMass Amherst- Philippides delivers three papers on still-compelling ancient voices
Aug 18, 2010 UMass Amherst- Falcon explores bilingual aphasia treatment
Aug 15, 2010 UMass Lowell- Iraqi Delegation Visits Campus
Aug 09, 2010 UMass Boston- International Conference Spotlights New Paradigm in Preparedness
Aug 05, 2010 UMass Lowell- Blackout in the South Pacific
Aug 02, 2010 UMass Dartmouth- Fifth UMass Dartmouth professor wins prestigious Fulbright
Jul 30, 2010 UMass Amherst- Swift receives top international space research award
Jul 30, 2010 UMass Dartmouth- The Boivin Center to celebrate 25 years as a center
Jul 28, 2010 UMass Amherst- Frackman and Arndt-Briggs take part in German exchange
Jul 23, 2010 UMass Amherst- MLA student working on sustainable design at US Mission in Geneva
Jul 22, 2010 UMass Boston- Campus Continues Its Work To Bring Basketball To Africa’s Youth
Jul 20, 2010 UMass Amherst- BDIC hosts Korean delegation
Jul 20, 2010 University of Massachusetts- Bay State judges build bridge to China
Jul 19, 2010 UMass Amherst- Moebius addresses international conference in France
Jul 19, 2010 Umass Amherst-Nagurney to keynote two European conferences
Jul 15, 2010 UMass Lowell- Braunhut Takes Sabbatical in Ghana
Jul 15, 2010 UMass Lowell- Irish Excavation Results in Coverage, Historic Finds
Jul 08, 2010 UMass Amherst- Education faculty finish 2-year project in west Africa
Jul 08, 2010 UMass Amherst- Graham receives postumous award for Australian field work
Jul 07, 2010 UMass Amherst- Gordon addresses international conference in UK
Jul 01, 2010 UMass Amherst- Brigham-Grette's 2009 Siberian research expedition featured
Jun 27, 2010 UMass Amherst- Kinney honored for work on Sir Philip Sidney
Jun 24, 2010 UMass Amherst- Genome sequencing may lead to non-chemical control of body lice
Jun 24, 2010 UMass Amherst- Madden to address teaching statistics issues in Slovenia
Jun 23, 2010 UMass Amherst- Carbone in Barcelona to discuss best practices in online teaching
Jun 15, 2010 UMass Amherst- Brussels roundtable tackles communication for sustainable social change
Jun 15, 2010 UMass Boston- UMass Boston students chosen for Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership Training Program
Jun 11, 2010 UMass Boston- Graduates Told to Celebrate Diversity, Make a Difference at 42nd Commencement Ceremony
Jun 04, 2010 UMass Boston- Vietnamese Student Awarded UMass Boston’s JFK Award
Jun 02, 2010 UMass Amherst- World Chef Culinary Conference at UMass Amherst June 6-11 to Focus on ‘Home Cooking from Around the World’
May 27, 2010 UMass Amherst- Setting Sights on Career in Public Sector
May 19, 2010 UMass Boston- Professor Arranges Meeting between Leaders of World’s Divided Cities in Mitrovica
May 19, 2010 UMass Amherst- UMass Scientist Creates Water Use Manual for Developing Countries
May 17, 2010 UMass Boston- Workshop on Rebuilding Haiti Points to Sustainable New Directions
May 14, 2010 UMass Amherst- Graduate Commencement Highlights Global Reach
May 12, 2010 UMass Boston- Lecturer Emeritus Receives Order of the Sacred Treasure from Japanese Government
May 06, 2010 UMass Dartmouth- Four Professors Earn Fulbrights
May 05, 2010 UMass Boston- Local Portuguese speakers celebrate launch of Center for Portuguese Language
Apr 29, 2010 UMass Amherst- Career Workshops for International Students
Apr 28, 2010 UMass Amherst- University moves up in international ranking
Apr 27, 2010 UMass Amherst- Third Year Running: Journalism Student Selected as Commencement Speaker
Apr 23, 2010 UMass Boston- Fulbright Scholars Conference - Universities as Agents for Social Change
Apr 22, 2010 UMass Dartmouth- Nobel Prize-Winning East Timor President to Address Class of 2010
Apr 22, 2010 UMass Amherst-Alice Cheung to lead international research group
Apr 22, 2010 UMass Lowell- Center for International Students Opens
Apr 22, 2010 UMass Lowell- College of Management Adds New International Concentration
Apr 20, 2010 UMass Amherst- Distinguished faculty lecturer examines post-Communist cinema in East-Central Europe
Apr 15, 2010 UMass Lowell- Professor McCarthy Delivers Plastics Lecture in India
Apr 15, 2010 UMass Dartmouth- Top international law scholar at UMass School of Law
Apr 15, 2010 UMass Lowell- Graduate School of Education Doctoral Student Wins Fulbright
Apr 07, 2010 UMass Amherst- Landscape Architecture Student Plans to Enrich the World
Apr 06, 2010 UMass Worcester- Four Students Named Schweitzer Fellows
Apr 06, 2010 UMass Dartmouth- Lecture by Cape Verdean Author Germano Almeida
Mar 30, 2010 UMass Amherst- Chinese, UMass Amherst Scientists Share Research, Expand Ties at Polymer Workshop
Mar 29, 2010 UMass Boston- Haitian Leaders Announce Guiding Principles for Rebuilding Haiti as Developed at Campus Summit
Mar 29, 2010 UMass Lowell- World-Renowned Performers Visit Campus
Mar 29, 2010 UMass Lowell- PACSI's Day Without Violence Among Events with 2010 Greeley Honoree
Mar 29, 2010 UMass Dartmouth- Annie Royer Performs on Campus
Mar 25, 2010 UMass Amherst- Robinson Receives Whiting Fellowship
Mar 23, 2010 UMass Dartmouth- Carol Moseley Braun Visits Campus
Mar 15, 2010 UMass Amherst- Artists-in-Residence Examine Irish Conflict and Transformation to Peace through Art
Mar 10, 2010 UMasss Lowell- Campus Reaches Out to Haiti
Mar 10, 2010 UMass Amherst- Getting Started on Big Dreams
Mar 10, 2010 UMass Amherst- Fountain Discusses IT & Information Flow at Dubai School of Government
Mar 09, 2010 UMass Amherst- NSF Grant Funds Anthro Research Experience for Students
Mar 08, 2010 UMass Lowell- Faculty Delegation Visits Istanbul, Ankara
Mar 05, 2010 University of Massachusetts- President Jack Wilson hosts Québec Minister of Education, Recreation and Sport
Mar 05, 2010 UMass Worcester- Student takes home prize at U. Washington's Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition
Mar 05, 2010 UMass Amherst- Obituary for Lawrence Pinkham, professor emeritus of Journalism, China expert
Mar 02, 2010 UMass Amherst- Programs Reach Around the World to Afghanistan
Mar 01, 2010 UMass Lowell- China–UMass Connection Strengthened
Feb 26, 2010 UMass Amherst- Swedish Academy of Sciences Honors UMass Physicist Egor Babaev
Feb 26, 2010 UMass Amherst- Bhowmik lectures at conference in China
Feb 26, 2010 UMass Dartmouth- Study Abroad with the Exchange Program In Hessen, Germany
Feb 26, 2010 UMass Dartmouth- Luso-American Foundation President Rui Machete Gives Lecture
Feb 22, 2010 UMass Amherst- Campus Hosts Fulbright Scholars and Students
Feb 22, 2010 UMass Amherst- Senior Fulbright Specialist in Mongolia
Feb 19, 2010 UMass Worcester- Students come together to help victims in Haiti
Feb 19, 2010 UMass Boston- After earthquake, campus increases its efforts in Haiti
Jan 22, 2010 UMass Lowell- Professor Braunhut Spends Semester in Ghana
Jan 22, 2010 UMass Amherst- International research information available online
Jan 21, 2010 UMass Amherst- Afghanistan Higher Education Project: Medical Education
Jan 13, 2010 University of Massachusetts- Navitas in talks for another US deal
Jan 07, 2010 UMass Lowell- Nursing Students Without Borders Heads to Ghana
Jan 07, 2010 UMass Lowell- Alumni Travel Program Expands
Jan 03, 2010 UMass Lowell- At Global Fest, Students Danced the Night Away
Jan 01, 2010 UMass Amherst- Jon Quick Named To 2010 U.S.A. Olympic Hockey Team
Dec 29, 2009 UMass Amherst- Environmental Scientist Monitors Water Quality, Helps World Communities Threatened by Giant Hydro Projects
Dec 18, 2009 UMass Lowell- Middle East Center Presents Israel’s Consul General
Dec 18, 2009 UMass Amherst- Fountain keynotes eGOVsharE in Turkey
Dec 17, 2009 UMass Amherst- Byg lectures at Antwerp film series
Dec 17, 2009 UMass Lowell- Hanoi University on Technology Sends Delegation
Dec 17, 2009 UMass Lowell- Filmmaker Describes Experiences in Syria 
Dec 17, 2009 UMass Amherst- Ranked 4th Nationally in Federal Gilman Scholarships for Study Abroad
Dec 17, 2009 UMass Lowell- Vedula Leads International Engineering Program
Dec 16, 2009 UMass Amherst- Exchange agreement with Hokkaido University of Education endorsed
Dec 15, 2009 UMass Boston- Professor Negotiates Slow Peace In Iraq
Dec 14, 2009 UMass Amherst- Braunthal pens book on right-wing extremism in Germany
Dec 12, 2009 UMass Amherst- Study Abroad Scholarship Recipients Selected
Dec 08, 2009 UMass Amherst- “Lost Boy” of Sudan Keeps Hope Alive
Dec 07, 2009 UMass Amherst- Model awarded Fulbright grant to study migration trends in Taiwan
Nov 30, 2009 UMass Amherst- Juanes keynotes symposium on salmon in Taiwan
Nov 19, 2009 UMass Lowell- Vedula Leads Partnership Forum and Planning Session
Nov 19, 2009 UMass Lowell- Students Learn About New Cultures
Nov 15, 2009 University of Massachusetts- 10th Annual International Education Week
Nov 04, 2009 UMass Boston- Mandarin Teacher Institute Received an Award
Nov 04, 2009 UMass Boston- The Afya Njema Project
Nov 02, 2009 UMass Boston- Sharing Cultures: Bridging the Miles through Online Technology
Oct 26, 2009 UMass Lowell- Indian Institute Sign Agreement
Oct 26, 2009 UMass Lowell- Study Links Domestic Violence with Child Deaths in India
Oct 26, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- John De Mado, Author, Educator And Vocal Advocate at UMass Dartmouth on November 16
Oct 25, 2009 UMass Amherst- International Education Week set for Nov. 16-20
Oct 25, 2009 UMass Amherst- Lea to discuss novel about SS death squads
Oct 23, 2009 UMass Amherst- Campus ranked a 'Top Producer' of Fulbright students
Oct 23, 2009 UMass Amherst- CultureTalk language program expanding with $397k grant
Oct 22, 2009 UMass Amherst- Budding Archaeologist Sees a Future of Digs
Oct 20, 2009 UMass Lowell- Tech Conference a Global Affair
Oct 09, 2009 UMass Amherst- Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall Begins
Oct 09, 2009 UMass Amherst- German Filmmaker Ulrike Ottinger to Attends Screenings During Oct. 17 Visit to Five Colleges
Oct 07, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- CVPA digital media professor's work to be showcased at Smithsonian
Oct 07, 2009 UMass Lowell- Virtual International Centers Established on Four Continents
Oct 06, 2009 UMass Boston-October 8th Event
Oct 06, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- Educators from around the state, nation and world gather at campus for STEM education showcase event
Oct 05, 2009 UMass Lowell- Center for Middle East Peace, Culture Holds First Event
Oct 05, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- Student captures top award at international conference
Oct 05, 2009 UMass Lowell- RESD Welcomes Largest Class in History
Oct 01, 2009 UMass Lowell- Signs Agreement with University of Haifa to Offer Degree through New Center
Sep 29, 2009 UMass Lowell- Campus Partners with Ireland U.
Sep 20, 2009 University of Massachusetts- President Wilson welcomes education leaders from Russia and Ukraine
Sep 16, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- Activities and materials will document and celebrate the contributions of Portuguese-Americans to the region, Commonwealth and world
Sep 04, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- New Director for International Programs Announced
Sep 02, 2009 UMass Worcester- Campus Hosts Chinese Medical Exchange Students
Aug 24, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- Portuguese Program Hosts First Student from China
Aug 21, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- CVPA alumna wins Fulbright
Aug 20, 2009 UMass Amherst- Vestas Americas scholarships awarded to mechanical engineering students
Aug 19, 2009 UMass Amherst- Student Tapped to Play Baseball in Italy
Aug 19, 2009 UMass Amherst- Saxophone Quartet travel to St. Petersburg
Aug 14, 2009 University of Massachusetts- International Week
Aug 07, 2009 UMass Amherst- Portuges curates film festival in London
Aug 04, 2009 UMass Amherst- Hamill keynotes conference in Brazil
Aug 03, 2009 UMass Amherst- Boscardin presents paper at conference in Spain
Jul 27, 2009 UMass Lowell- Freshmen from Tsinghua University Visit Campus
Jul 27, 2009 UMass Amherst- Aizen keynotes international meeting in China
Jul 27, 2009 UMass Boston- Camp Shriver’s Ideals Expand to Kenya
Jul 25, 2009 UMass Worcester- Medical students in India for rabies trial
Jul 22, 2009 UMass Boston- Yung-Ping (Bing) Chen Retiring
Jul 15, 2009 UMass Amherst- Ouellett gives invited lectures in Japan
Jul 15, 2009 UMass Lowell- From Utah to Lowell: Online Student, Prof. Partner on Research
Jul 14, 2009 UMass Amherst- NIH Scientist V. Adrian Parsegian Named to Gluckstern Professorship of Physics
Jul 13, 2009 UMass Amherst- Researcher Leads Team in Founding Amazon Rainforest Microbial Observatory to Catalog, Study Soils
Jul 09, 2009 UMass Boston- Sharing Cultures: Bridging the Miles through Online Technology
Jul 06, 2009 UMass Amherst- Nutritionist Will Collaborate With Korean Oriental Medicine Center to Combat Type II Diabetes, Obesity
Jul 03, 2009 UMass Amherst- Aboard Scientific Drill Ship Near Japan, UMass Hydrogeologist Will Study a Major Pacific Earthquake-Birthing Zone
Jul 01, 2009 UMass Amherst- Botelho addresses conference in Toronto
Jul 01, 2009 UMass Amherst- Hugus participates in DAAD seminar in Europe
Jun 25, 2009 UMass Amherst- Manning presents research paper at conference in Italy
Jun 22, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- Portugal Study Abroad Participants To Create Blog
Jun 22, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- French National Media Examines Changing Lives Through Literature
Jun 21, 2009 UMass Amherst- Nutrition faculty present research in Portugal
Jun 15, 2009 UMass Amherst- 7 students awarded federal scholarships for study abroad
Jun 15, 2009 UMass Amherst- Avakian presents paper at Istanbul conference
Jun 09, 2009 UMass Amherst- Nagurney gives plenary talk at Rome conference
Jun 07, 2009 UMass Amherst- Andrianopoulos gives invited address in Brazil
May 29, 2009 UMass Boston- Edwin Moses Receives Honorary Degree
May 25, 2009 UMass Amherst- Sediment drilling in Siberia yields new data in push to understand Arctic climate change
May 18, 2009 UMass Lowell- Graduate's hunger to learn pays off in US
May 18, 2009 UMass Amherst- Zúñiga addresses symposium in Chile
May 18, 2009 UMass Amherst- Umberger visits Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam
May 12, 2009 UMass Amherst- 6 Alumni Serving as Peace Corps Volunteers in 24 Countries Around the Worl
May 11, 2009 UMass Amherst- Manning presents keynote paper at air pollution conference in China
May 11, 2009 UMass Amherst- Campus Receives $100,000 Grand Challenges Explorations Grant for Innovative Global Health Research by Gregory Tew
May 06, 2009 UMass Worcester- student is winner of Information Technology Award
May 04, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- Grant to boost UMD Portuguese Center programs
May 01, 2009 UMass Amherst- Researcher Edward Calabrese Receives Marie Curie Prize for Work on Hormesis, Low-Dose Radiation and Health
Apr 30, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- Brazilliance Teaches and Entertains its Audience
Apr 28, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- Ferreira Mendes Portuguese-American Archives digitizing project provides global resource
Apr 27, 2009 UMass Amherst- Wick teaches plant disease diagnostics in Bangladesh
Apr 27, 2009 UMass Amherst- International Relations blog tackles global issues
Apr 24, 2009 UMass Amherst- Two students awarded DAAD scholarships
Apr 23, 2009 UMass Boston- Cannato discusses US immigration at Lectures on Liberty
Apr 21, 2009 UMass Lowell- Survey Finds Large Work Injury Incidence in Vietnam
Apr 21, 2009 UMass Lowell- Nanoparticles Will Be Subject of Taiwan Conference Speech
Apr 21, 2009 UMass Amherst- American University in Cairo hosts Sorcinelli as distinguished visiting professor
Apr 21, 2009 UMass Amherst- Hallock chairing international physics commission
Apr 19, 2009 UMass Boston- Delegates from Divided Cities Sign Agreement of Union in Boston
Apr 16, 2009 UMass Amherst- Mednicoff to study foreign labor, law issues in UAE
Apr 15, 2009 UMass Boston- Much More than Games in Senegal
Apr 15, 2009 UMass Boston- McCormack School, Moakley Chair to Host Mayors and Other Officials from “Divided Cities
Apr 15, 2009 UMass Boston- Advocate for Haitian Women, Local Banker Honored at 2009 Quinn Community Breakfast
Apr 10, 2009 UMass Lowell- Charmchi’s Research to Be Published in Journal
Apr 10, 2009 UMass Boston- World's Leading Haitian-American Author Participates in Public Teleconference Event at UMass Boston
Apr 10, 2009 UMass Lowell- Carlsmith Receives Harvard Fellowship
Apr 08, 2009 UMass Boston- Gastón Institute Releases Report on English Language Learners in Boston’s Public Schools
Apr 08, 2009 UMass Lowell- CS Prof Finds Internet Communications Flaw
Apr 06, 2009 UMass Boston- Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchú Tum to Speak
Mar 31, 2009 UMass Lowell- University Develops Partnership with Belfast School
Mar 30, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- Mayan human rights champion to speak
Mar 26, 2009 UMass Boston- Haitian Women’s Advocate at Quinn Community Breakfast Honored
Mar 15, 2009 UMass Boston- New Gastón Director Sees Public Health as the Key to Community Health
Mar 09, 2009 UMass Amherst- Seeking Fulfillment and Being Useful to the World
Mar 05, 2009 University of Massachusetts- Hokkaido University Staffer Reflects on time spent at UMass
Mar 03, 2009 UMass Worcester- UMMS partners with Tongji University
Mar 03, 2009 UMass Worcester- Visiting physician gathers precious tools and knowledge
Mar 03, 2009 UMass Worcester- New international scholarship fund awards first fellowships
Mar 01, 2009 UMass Lowell- Student volunteers to give medical care in Honduras
Feb 27, 2009 UMass Boston- Forum for Cities in Transition
Feb 26, 2009 UMass Amherst- Field Study in Communication & Journalism: Sligo & West Coast of Ireland
Feb 26, 2009 UMass Amherst- Geoscientists say stalagmites in Brazil confirm 9,000-year model of diminishing rainfall
Feb 26, 2009 UMass Amherst- DEFA Film Library organizes series in LA to mark 1989 fall of Berlin Wall
Feb 24, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- French Academy Member Florence Delay to Speak at White's of Westport March 23
Feb 24, 2009 UMass Boston- “Si...,Pero,...No”: Culture, Cognition and Colonialism in the Production of HIV/AIDS Disparities Among Puerto Ricans
Feb 24, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- Michael T. Klare, famed author, political correspondent, and activist, will give a lecture at UMass Dartmouth March 3
Feb 24, 2009 UMass Lowell- Multilingual Application Night Offers Insight on College Experience
Feb 21, 2009 UMass Amherst- Canción Urgente/Urgent Song
Feb 20, 2009 UMass Amherst- Faculty participate computational workshop in Germany
Feb 17, 2009 UMass Boston- CM Program Gives MSIS Students a Jump on International Jobs
Feb 17, 2009 UMass Lowell- Administrators from 25 Indian Schools Visit Lowell Campus
Feb 12, 2009 UMass Amherst- Arctic Communities Partner with UMass Amherst Researcher to Learn How Indigenous Young People Avoid Alcohol Abuse, Suicide
Feb 12, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- Colloquium on Migrant Women and the Media at UMass Dartmouth
Feb 02, 2009 UMass Lowell- Campus, Students Going Global
Feb 02, 2009 UMass Amherst- Fine Arts Center Celebrates 20th Annual Gala and Auction
Feb 01, 2009 Umass Amherst- PhD student named National Geographic Emerging Explorer
Jan 29, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- Educators Build Virtual Reality City to Enhance Learning for Students and Researchers
Jan 22, 2009 UMass Worcester- Luzuriaga appointed Associate Provost for Global Health
Jan 22, 2009 UMass Worcester- New international scholarship fund awards first fellowships
Jan 21, 2009 UMass Amherst- The Massachusetts Center for Renaissance Studies
Jan 20, 2009 UMass Dartmouth- Professor of Islamic History is Interviewed
Jan 15, 2009 UMass Boston- Expert Entrepreneur Guides Others with Big Ideas
Jan 12, 2009 UMass Boston- Institute for Asian American Studies and WUMB Create Unique New Public Radio Program
Jan 08, 2009 UMass Amherst- International intrigue flavors annual FAC gala
Jan 05, 2009 UMass Lowell- Nursing Students Plan Africa Trip to Lend a Hand
Jan 01, 2009 UMass Boston- Promoting cross-cultural understanding through information systems
Dec 30, 2008 UMass Amherst- Anthropology Student Receives Top Dissertation Fellowship
Dec 29, 2008 UMass Lowell- A CLASS IN CARING, A WORLD AWAY
Dec 26, 2008 UMass Amherst- Study Abroad Scholarship Recipients Selected
Dec 22, 2008 UMass Lowell- SRT Conference Positions University Internationally
Dec 21, 2008 UMass Lowell- Forum Targets Events of Cambodia Genocide
Dec 18, 2008 UMass Boston- Conference Examines Ways to Rebuild After Disasters
Dec 18, 2008 UMass Boston- GCE Professor and Boston State Grad Build Colombia Partnership
Dec 18, 2008 UMass Amherst- Under a Frozen Lake in Siberia, UMass Amherst Geoscientist Drills For Secrets of Earth’s Ancient Climate
Dec 04, 2008 UMass Boston- Liberal International Award for UMass Boston’s Padraig O’Malley
Dec 04, 2008 UMass Amherst- Sociologist Janice Irvine Receives Fulbright To Study at University of Zagreb in Croatia
Dec 03, 2008 UMass Amherst- Yam is chair-elect of regional chapter of NAFSA
Dec 01, 2008 UMass Boston- GCE Professor and Boston State Grad Build Colombia Partnership
Dec 01, 2008 UMass Amherst- Bank of America Foundation awards $12,000 grant to FAC
Nov 24, 2008 UMass Amherst- International Scholarship Winner Announced
Nov 24, 2008 UMass Amherst- Scholarships and Hard Work Make Student’s Dream a Reality
Nov 20, 2008 UMass Amherst- Sociologist Suzanne Model’s New Book Examines Why West Indian Immigrants Succeed
Nov 20, 2008 UMass Lowell- Chancellor’s Assistant Becomes Citizen
Nov 20, 2008 UMass Boston- Ethnic media outlets to be honored at first New England Ethnic Newswire Awards
Nov 20, 2008 UMass Amherst- What Every American Should Know About the EU
Nov 18, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Hessen-Engineering & Culture
Nov 17, 2008 University of Massachusetts- Campuses Host Events to Celebrate International Week
Nov 15, 2008 UMass Lowell- University Celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month
Nov 15, 2008 UMass Lowell- Salameh Addresses China Conference
Nov 14, 2008 UMass Amherst- Anthropologist Laurie Godfrey Assembles and Copies Skeleton of Extinct Subadult Lemur
Nov 12, 2008 UMass Lowell- World-Renowned Producer Keynotes SRT Event
Nov 12, 2008 UMass Amherst- German Director Rainer Simon to Introduce Film Screenings during Visit to Five College Area
Nov 10, 2008 UMass Boston- US still a hot destination for Indian students
Nov 10, 2008 UMass Amherst- New Research on Darwin's Finches Offers Rare Glimpse Into How Species Diverge, Says UMass Amherst Biologist
Nov 08, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Cape Verdean prime minister cuts ribbon
Nov 07, 2008 University of Massachusetts- Campuses host Hokkaido University staffer
Nov 07, 2008 UMass Worcester- International Craft Sale
Nov 06, 2008 UMass Amherst- Ahern lectures in China
Nov 06, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Cape Verdean prime minister coming to New Bedford Friday
Nov 05, 2008 UMass Boston- Graduate Programs in Dispute Resolution hosts Nigerian Leaders
Nov 03, 2008 UMass Lowell- Vedula Named Special Assistant for International Partnerships
Nov 03, 2008 UMass Lowell- Morse Lecture Features O’Malley
Nov 03, 2008 UMass Lowell- Study Links Heating of Indian Ocean to Drought in Africa
Nov 02, 2008 UMass Boston- Nigeria: How Abuja Stood Still for Poet, Okigbo's Daughter
Oct 29, 2008 UMass Boston- Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters hosts international conference
Oct 29, 2008 UMass Amherst- Geoscientist and His 14-Year-Old Son Report a Glacier-Nesting Finch in the Peruvian Andes
Oct 28, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Frédérique Hébrard and Louis Velle will present a lecture in French at UMass Dartmouth November 12
Oct 28, 2008 UMass Lowell- Study Links Heating of Indian Ocean to Drought in Africa
Oct 22, 2008 UMass Lowell- Chancellor Meehan Honored by Irish Echo
Oct 22, 2008 University of Massachusetts- Researcher and Lecturer travels to Iraq to discuss U.S. elections
Oct 22, 2008 UMass Lowell- Students Walk for Ugandan Children
Oct 17, 2008 UMass Amherst- Reflections from a Fulbright Experience by Professor Donal Carbaugh
Oct 17, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Campus Welcomes Eight Student Fulbrights
Oct 17, 2008 UMass Dartmouth Fulbright Coordinator Announced
Oct 17, 2008 UMass Boston- Programs Boost Chinese-Language Skills for Area Students, Teachers
Oct 16, 2008 UMass Amherst- Faculty, graduate students active at German studies conference
Oct 16, 2008 UMass Amherst- Student engineers bring safer water storage to Amazon villagers
Oct 15, 2008 UMass Boston- MBA Students Learn About Global Economy in Kazakhstan
Sep 30, 2008 UMass Boston- Immigrant Groups Receive $1.8 Million to Create Media about Community Health
Sep 23, 2008 UMass Amherst- Fountain Appointed to World Economic Forum’s Future of Governments Council
Sep 22, 2008 UMass Lowell- Professor Researches Indian Company's Sustainability Practices
Sep 16, 2008 UMass Amherst- Hemment to study state-sponsored youth groups in Russia
Sep 16, 2008 UMass Amherst- Manning lectures at University of Naples
Sep 16, 2008 UMass Amherst- Student Participates in Beijing Paralympics
Sep 16, 2008 UMass Amherst- Lanza advising Thailand's higher education commission
Sep 15, 2008 Moakley Professor Rallies Iraqi Political Leaders At Announcement of Helsinki II Peace Agreement in Baghdad
Sep 15, 2008 UMass Boston- Hosts Global Learning Exchange Networks: Building Partnerships, Knowledge & Power to Advance Equitable Societies
Sep 09, 2008 UMass Amherst- Paulson studies Arabic in Tunisia with State Dept. scholarship
Sep 05, 2008 UMass Lowell- Salameh Invited to Saudi Conference
Sep 05, 2008 UMass Lowell- In Haiti, Toilets and Ceiling Fans, One Man’s Way of Giving Back
Sep 05, 2008 UMass Amherst- Smith to conduct research in France, Greece during sabbatical
Sep 04, 2008 UMass Amherst- Engineers Without Borders Work with Kenyan Village to Improve Water Supply
Sep 02, 2008 UMass Amherst- Portuges curates film festival in London
Sep 01, 2008 UMass Amherst- 2008-2009 Student Awards and Scholarships
Aug 26, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Professor appears on Today Show
Aug 22, 2008 UMass Amherst- Associate Provost attends NASULGC Conference
Aug 20, 2008 UMass Worcester- 40 traveled overseas this summer
Aug 15, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- $1 Million Gift To "Build A Bridge To India Culture And Economy"
Aug 12, 2008 UMass Amherst- Cultural Ties: New Scholarship Links UMass Amherst and China
Aug 08, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- SouthCoast's Cape Verdeans have place of their own
Aug 07, 2008 UMass Amherst- DEFA Film Library hosts visiting scholar
Aug 07, 2008 Team of Massachusetts High School Students Takes The Silver In China: Places Second In International "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Language And Culture Contest
Aug 02, 2008 UMass Worcester- Nobel laureates to tackle global issues
Jul 29, 2008 UMass Amherst- Chinese language school lands $1.5 million U.S. grant
Jul 27, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Professor plans study of Mayan immigrants
Jul 26, 2008 UMass Amherst- Guggenheim Award Recognizes Intergroup Conflict Research
Jul 26, 2008 UMass Amherst- Guggenheim Award Recognizes Intergroup Conflict Research
Jul 24, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Alum and Dartmouth native named CNN Hero
Jul 21, 2008 UMass Amherst- UMass rowing champion takes America to the Olympics
Jul 15, 2008 UMass Boston- 2008 JFK Award Winner Ready for the World Stage
Jul 15, 2008 UMass Amherst- Umberger presents invited paper in Marseille, France
Jul 14, 2008 UMass Amherst- Stifler receives Fulbright to teach in Sri Lanka
Jul 14, 2008 UMass Amherst- All Sweeteners May Not Be the Same When Managing Type 2 Diabetes and Complications
Jul 14, 2008 UMass Lowell- Brazilians Bring Jobs, Money
Jul 13, 2008 UMass Amherst- Mathematics and Statistics hosts international conference
Jul 10, 2008 UMass Amherst- Student awarded Gilman International Scholarship to Egypt
Jul 10, 2008 UMass Amherst- PhD student studying in Japan under Boren Fellowship
Jul 10, 2008 UMass Amherst- Scholarships support undergraduates' studies in Japan
Jul 09, 2008 UMass Lowell- Political Science Professor Published in Latin American Journal
Jul 09, 2008 UMass Amherst- Climate Change Could Threaten Costa Rican Cloud Forests, Other Mountain Ecosystems
Jul 07, 2008 UMass Lowell- Minkkinen Celebrates Exhibits, Books and Lectures
Jul 05, 2008 UMass Amherst- Foreign students flock to the US
Jul 03, 2008 UMass Amherst- Researcher’s Book on Raising Bilingual Children Encourages Parents and Offers 20 Years of Research
Jul 02, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Professor Receives Grants to Study New Bedford's Central American Populations
Jul 01, 2008 UMass Amherst- Nagurney presents papers at international conferences in Paris
Jun 30, 2008 UMass Lowell- Setting a Course
Jun 25, 2008 UMass Boston- Partnership to provide business curriculum and training in Haiti
Jun 23, 2008 UMass Amherst- Stephanie Kent Receives Fulbright Award
Jun 21, 2008 UMass Amherst- Sankofa Dance Festival
Jun 19, 2008 UMass Amherst- Researcher Founds First Plant Disease Clinic in Bangladesh to Help Farmers Battle Pests, Blight
Jun 16, 2008 UMass Lowell- First Greeley Scholar: “She Made People Think”
Jun 13, 2008 UMass Amherst- Irvine elected to council of astrobiology society
Jun 12, 2008 UMass Amherst- Ecotourism damaging sensitive sites in Belize, says Kumble
Jun 12, 2008 UMass Amherst- Trustees Unanimously Rescind Robert Mugabe Degree
Jun 09, 2008 UMass Amherst- Dining Services hosts 'Tastes of the World' culinary conference
Jun 08, 2008 UMass Amherst- Flags lowered for soldier killed in Iraq
Jun 03, 2008 UMass Amherst- Debris from Galaxy Collisions Can Be Used As a Laboratory to Study Star Formation, Says Researcher
Jun 02, 2008 UMass Lowell- Faculty Members Trade Campus Visits
Jun 02, 2008 UMass Amherst- Ozone a Likely Contributor to Global Food Crisis through Reduced Crop Yields, Says Researcher
Jun 02, 2008 UMass Lowell- SE Asian Influence Honored
Jun 02, 2008 UMass Lowell- Provost looks to "Internationalize" the UML Experience
May 28, 2008 UMass Amherst- Fish Scales From Norway Yield Clues to Ocean Fate of Atlantic Salmon, Says Researcher
May 28, 2008 UMass Amherst- Mueller lectures at international conference
May 27, 2008 UMass Amherst- Tropp wins Erik Erikson Early Career Award
May 26, 2008 UMass Lowell- Ethnic Media Panel Delivers Message to Campus
May 25, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Former Lost Boy of the Sudan: Remarks at UMass Dartmouth Commencement
May 25, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Yong Zhang's Commencement Speech
May 22, 2008 UMass Amherst- Ciesielski awarded honorary degree in France
May 19, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Internationally renowned professor to teach at UMass Dartmouth's CCB Cape Cod campus
May 19, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Fulbright Student Scholar to join Portuguese Department
May 16, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Freetown man travels the globe for clients
May 12, 2008 UMass Boston- Veteran Peacemakers O'Malley, Maharaj on Iraq
May 07, 2008 UMass Amherst- Rice Plants That Resist the Uptake of Arsenic Could Ease Rice Shortage Says Researcher
May 07, 2008 UMass Amherst- Aizen to lead workshop at Milan university
May 05, 2008 UMass Lowell- Morose Studies Mercury Usage for U.N. Project
May 05, 2008 UMass Amherst- Katie Huston named student Commencement speaker
May 02, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Student receives Clinton Scholarship
May 01, 2008 UMass Boston- Professor to Spend Summer Bringing Better Mental Health Care to the Central African Republic
Apr 30, 2008 UMass Worcester- Russian murder mystery solved at Umass
Apr 29, 2008 UMass Amherst- Faculty organize international conference on Wrocław
Apr 29, 2008 UMass Amherst- Caswell awarded Fulbright grant to Italy
Apr 29, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Renowned translator Gregory Rabassa honored
Apr 28, 2008 UMass Boston- Warring factions to gather in Iraq
Apr 28, 2008 UMass Lowell- International Relations Club Gives High Schoolers a Place to Debate
Apr 25, 2008 UMass Lowell- Campus Celebrates Islamic Awareness Month
Apr 22, 2008 UMass Amherst- Nagurney organizes conference on humanitarian logistics
Apr 17, 2008 UMass Amherst- Lizards Undergo Rapid Evolution after Introduction to a New Home, Says Researcher
Apr 17, 2008 UMass Amherst- Professor Sara Lennox to Give Distinguished Faculty Lecture April 28
Apr 16, 2008 UMass Amherst- Trumpet student headed to international solo competition
Apr 15, 2008 UMass Worcester- Medical School Researcher Victor Ambros, PhD, Receives Gairdner and Franklin Awards
Apr 11, 2008 UMass Amherst- Junior Named Goldwater Scholar
Apr 10, 2008 UMass Lowell- Paula Rayman Travels to Israel
Apr 07, 2008 UMass Lowell- Greeley Scholar Talks of “New Vision for Peace”
Mar 31, 2008 UMass Signs Groundbreaking Agreement with China
Mar 30, 2008 UMass Boston- Students find perspective in Africa
Mar 27, 2008 UMass Amherst- Conference on Global Violence, Conflict and Trauma April 3-4
Mar 27, 2008 UMass Amherst- Education Professor Howard Peelle Awarded Fulbright Grant to Japan
Mar 26, 2008 UMass Amherst- Student dies while studying abroad in India
Mar 25, 2008 President Wilson delivers commencement address at Japanese University
Mar 21, 2008 UMass Amherst- Founder of Nonprofit Group That Aids Farmers in Developing Countries to Speak on Campus
Mar 18, 2008 UMass Amherst- Scientists Track Elephants by Satellite, Found Nonprofit Group ‘Elephants Without Borders’
Mar 10, 2008 UMass Lowell- Art Prof.’s Work Featured Globally
Mar 10, 2008 UMass Boston- Indonesian governmental and educational leaders to discuss partnership with campus
Mar 06, 2008 UMass Amherst- Physicists help complete the world’s most powerful particle accelerator
Mar 06, 2008 US AID Announces Large New Grant to the University of Massachusetts for Judicial Education in China
Feb 29, 2008 UMass Amherst- Israeli-Arab Journalist Speaks on Campus
Feb 29, 2008 UMass Boston- CPCS Welcomes Indonesian Delegation
Feb 26, 2008 UMass Amherst- Clemenzi-Allen awarded Gates Cambridge Scholarship
Feb 26, 2008 UMass Amherst- Brookses lecture at Clark University
Feb 25, 2008 UMass Lowell- Nursing Student Has 'a Story to Tell'
Feb 25, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Area delegation announces results of Azores trade mission
Feb 25, 2008 UMass Lowell- Peace Activist Visits in April
Feb 25, 2008 UMass Lowell- Pair Visit Japanese High Schools
Feb 19, 2008 UMass Amherst- Professor serves on film festival jury in Hungary
Feb 19, 2008 UMass Lowell- ROTC Wing Commander Uses Experiences Here
Feb 19, 2008 UMass Lowell- Plastics Engineering Department a Big Hit at Trade Show
Feb 19, 2008 UMass Lowell- Prof. Creates Oil Painting for 2008 Olympics
Feb 14, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- South Coast delegation visiting the Azores to report on trade mission Feb. 25 at UMass Dartmouth
Feb 13, 2008 UMass Amherst- Professor Max Page Awarded Fulbright Fellowship to Argentina
Feb 13, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Students take learning expedition to "enchanted" Galápagos Islands
Feb 12, 2008 UMass Dartmouth- Students head to Haiti on mission of 'hope and happiness'
Feb 11, 2008 UMass Lowell- SRT Students Place at International Convention
Feb 11, 2008 UMass Lowell- Art Professor Spends Sabbatical Around The World
Feb 11, 2008 UMass Lowell-Salameh Invited to International Conference in Japan
Feb 08, 2008 UMass Amherst-Schluntz named director of Education Abroad at International Programs
Feb 08, 2008 UMass Amherst- Icelandic-Swedish Viking Film Embla to Have U.S. Debut at Graduate Student Conference
Feb 08, 2008 UMass Lowell- Spotlight on Immigrant Stories of Lowell
Feb 05, 2008 UMass Amherst- Hamill appointed distinguished research professor in Singapore
Feb 04, 2008 UMass Boston- A World of Potential
Jan 30, 2008 UMass Amherst- Ogilvie addresses seminar at University of Oslo
Jan 28, 2008 UMass Amherst- Ghana Experience Impacts Student’s Life
Jan 24, 2008 University of Massachusetts- The Ruben and Patricia King-Shaw Family Fund for Academic Excellence supports UMass Student Opportunities
Jan 17, 2008 UMass Worcester- GSN brings home lessons learned in Ghana
Jan 15, 2008 UMass Amherst- Professor keynotes Suzuki teachers conference in Peru
Jan 10, 2008 UMass Worcester- Student run African Community Education Program is profiled
Jan 10, 2008 UMass Worcester- Medical student is 2007-08 Fogarty Fellow
Jan 01, 2008 UMass Amherst- Professor On a Remote Path to Cures


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