International Relations


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International Relations at University of Massachusetts

Nearly 150 years ago, the University of Massachusetts was founded to broaden access to learning. Today, through International Relations at UMass, the University extends its tradition of excellence beyond the geographical constraints of its five campuses.

The campuses have long been engaged in international activities. As part of the Office of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and International Relations, we support the campuses efforts and strive to form partnerships that will create opportunities to expand the University's global reach.

To better engage the world in which we live -- the world in which our faculty work and our students will enter -- UMass is focusing on:

  • Developing and integrating into the curriculum study-abroad opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Programs that bring faculty, visiting scholars, and students from other countries to the University of Massachusetts.
  • Promoting and encouraging faculty to engage in research, teaching and service around the world.

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