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Update us on your work around the globe!

The process for adding new information to our International Database is simple and straightforward. If you have this information already on a website or a publication, you can simply add the URL or link to the brochure to direct the user to obtain more information. When you have new projects we hope that you will take the time to enter the information. Please be assured that you will be the only person who can edit your data.

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If you have not already done so, the first step is to register. Please select your location:

Once registered, you may update your existing information, edit existing data and add new information, by using this link.

The International Relations Advisory Council has been working to collect information on student opportunities (both in and out of the classroom experiences), alumni programs and international agreements. If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact your campus representative.

If your question pertains to the technical aspect of this project please feel free to contact the UMSO Help Desk at or 774-455-7777.