HR Direct

Pay Advice

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Print the below directions.  Then return to the HR Direct Homepage to access the HR Direct application.   

Logging onto the HR Application

Secure Access Login Page Image

  1. Navigate to the Campus Web Site:
  2. Click on the HR Direct Login button. The Login Screen opens.
  3. Enter your Campus User ID.
  4. Enter your Password.
  5. Select your Campus: President's Office.
  6. Click the Login button.

View Your Pay Advice

Important: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your paycheck online.

Pay Advice Image

  1. Click the Self Service link in the Navigation Menu (located on left).
  2. Click the Payroll and Compensation link.
  3. Click the View Paycheck link.
    The View Paycheck page opens.
  4. Click the Check Date link you would like to view. The Paycheck opens in a new window as a PDF.
  5. Review or print the paycheck.

Logging out of HR Direct

When you are finished viewing these pages, it is very important to click the Sign Out link in the top right corner of the HR application.

This will log you out of HR Direct. This step is intended to help prevent others from viewing your personal information if you step away from the computer. Even though you have logged out of HR Direct, it is recommended that you fully end the session by closing your browser as well.

Return to the HR Direct Homepage