UMass Unveils New Ad

The Future I Imagined

"The Future I Imagined"

The new University of Massachusetts television advertisement "The Future I Imagined" features six UMass graduates, as well as University of Massachusetts President Jack M. Wilson and Nobel Laureate Craig C. Mello, PhD.

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The Participants:

  • Bill Pullman, Actor, MFA, 1980
  • Thomas M. Menino, Mayor of Boston, BA, 1988
  • Cady Coleman, Astronaut, PhD, 1991
  • Craig C. Mello, PhD, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, 2006
  • Heather Makrez, Director of International Exchange and Study Programs, UMass Dartmouth, BA, 2006, MA, 2008
  • Anjali Koka, Resident in anesthesiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, MD, 2007
  • Crystal Howard, Director of Public Relations, ESPN, BA, 1995
  • Jack M. Wilson, President, University of Massachusetts 


Bill Pullman: It took me to the movies.
Mayor Thomas M. Menino: It took me to City Hall.
Cady Coleman: It's taken me to the ultimate frontier: space.
Craig Mello: To the frontier of scientific discovery.
Heather Makrez: To China and South Africa, for the study-abroad experience of a lifetime.
Anjali Koka: To a residency at one of the world's best hospitals.
Crystal Howard: And to the future I always imagined.
President Jack Wilson: Our University takes people to some pretty impressive places.
Bill Pullman: It's the University of Massachusetts, where would you like it to take you?