UMass Foundation

Investment Philosophy and Objectives

Investment Philosophy               

The Directors of The University of Massachusetts Foundation hold as their goal to maximize to the fullest extent possible the return on investment so as to further the educational mission of the University of Massachusetts. To this end, the members of the Foundation's Investment Committee are committed to prudent, time-tested investment strategies and fiscal policies.      

Working with their investment managers, the Investment Committee has full discretion to diversify the portfolio to achieve maximum returns.  The funds invested by the University of Massachusetts Foundation are those that have been donated by alumni, friends, foundations and corporations for the specific benefit of the University and its students.  The returns on investments, therefore, are used to support important programs such as need and merit based scholarships, professorships, faculty and student research, international exchanges, community service, and more.                                     

Investment Objectives

The primary task of the Foundation is the acceptance and management of endowment and selected current funds for the University.  The Foundation accepts gifts in the form of cash, stocks, bonds, personal property, real estate, as well estate and deferred gifts.  Endowment funds are permanent funds with disciplined longer term investment objectives and strategies that will accommodate relevant, reasonable or probable events.    

Careful management of the assets by the Investment Committee is designed to ensure a total return necessary to preserve and enhance the principal of the funds and, at the same time, provide a dependable source of income for current University and Foundation operations and programs.