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Endowed Chairs and Professorships

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Endowed Chairs and Endowed Professors by Campus

UMass System

  • Zuckerberg, Roy J., Endowed Leadership Chair

UMass Amherst

  • Allen, Dwight W., Distinguished Professorship in Education Policy and Reform
  • Alpha Tau Gamma Fred P. Jeffrey Professorship and Directorship of the Stockbridge School of Agriculture
  • Amesbury, Jr. Walter Raleigh and Amesbury, Cecile Dudley, Professorship for Teaching and Research of the Polish Language, Literature and Culture
  • Armstrong Professional Development Professorship
  • Barrett, Wilmer D., Professorship in Polymer Science and Engineering
  • Clydesdale, Fergus M., Professorship in Food Science
  • Endowed Chair in the Study of Nonviolent Direct Action and Civil Resistance 
  • Feinberg Professorship in History
  • Flavin, Joseph P., Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies
  • Francis, Frederick J., Chair in Food Science
  • Gilgut, Constantine J., Professorship in Plant Biology
  • Gluckstern, Robert L., Distinguished Professorship in Physics
  • Gupta, Dev V., Professorship in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Horwitz, Leonard J., Professorship in Latin American Politics and Studies
  • Isenberg, Eugene M. and Ronnie, Professorship in Integrative Studies, Isenberg School of Management
  • Isenberg, Ronnie and Eugene M., Professorship in Engineering
  • Isenberg, Eugene M. and Ronnie, Professorship in Integrative Environmental Science
  • MA Arborists Association Professorship in Commercial Arboriculture
  • Murray, Terrance, Commonwealth College Honors Professorship
  • O'Brien, Dean Thomas, Endowed Chair
  • PERI and Department of Economics Professorship 
  • Philipp, Michael and Cheryl, Distinguished Professorship in Finance
  • Renewable Energy Chair 
  • Rudd Family Foundation Chair in Environmental Psychology
  • Seedworks Nursing Professorship for Social Justice
  • Simpson, Richard H., Endowed Professorship
  • Smith, John F., Memorial Professorship in Operations Management
  • Stafford, Earl W., Professorship in Entrepreneurial Studies
  • University Chair in Peace Psychology

UMass Boston

  • Brann, Alton J., Endowed Distinguished Professorship in Science and Mathematics
  • Brett, James T, Chair in Disability and Workforce Development 
  • Moakley, John Joseph, Chair in International Peace and Reconciliation
  • Penney, Sherry H., Professorship in Leadership in the School of Management
  • Tucker, Paul H., Endowed Distinguished Professorship in Art

UMass Dartmouth

  • Montgomery Charter Chair in Marine Science and Technology
  • Pedroso, Helio and Amelia Endowed Chair in Portuguese Studies

UMass Lowell

  • Dandeneau, James V., Endowed Professorship
  • Donahue, Nancy, Endowed Professorship in the Arts
  • Foley, Howard P., Endowed Professorship
  • Pernick, David and Frances, Endowed Nanotechnology Professorship Fund
  • Saab, Mark A. and Elisia, Endowed Professorship
  • Tripathy, Sukant Endowed Professorship in Renewable Energy
  • Ward, Robert and Gail, Endowed Professorship in Biomedical Materials Development

UMass Medical School

  • Arnett, Vitold, Endowed Professorship
  • Blais, Jack and Shelley, University Chair in Molecular Medicine
  • Booth, George F., Chair in the Basic Sciences
  • Brudnick, Irving S. and Betty, Chair in Psychiatry
  • Budnitz, M.D., Edward R., Distinguished Professorship in Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Cook, Gretchen Stone, Chair in Biomedical Science
  • Cutler, Melvin and Sandra, Chair in Biomedical Research
  • Defeudis, Mary C., Chair in Cancer Care and Research
  • Diabetes Research Chair 
  • Farrington, Eleanor Eustis, Endowed Chair in Cancer Research
  • Foxman, Isadore and Fannie, Chair in Medical Research
  • Freelander, David J., Endowed Memorial Professorship in AIDS Research
  • Haidak, Celia and Isaac, Distinguished Professor of Medical Education
  • Haidak, Harry M., Distinguished Professor of Surgery
  • Haidack, Richard M., Distinguished Professorship in Medicine
  • Higgins Family Professorship in Neuroscience
  • Koskinas, Arthur F. and Helen P., Professorship in Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
  • Krupp, William and Doris, Professorship in Medicine
  • LaChance, Leo P. and Theresa M., Chair in Mental Retardation and Behavioral Health
  • Martin, Gladys Smith, Chair in Oncology
  • McCann, Joy, Professorship for Women in Medicine
  • McDonough, Myles J., Chair in Rheumatology 
  • Meyers, John, Dr., Professorship in Primary Care Medicine
  • Milliken, David and Barbara, Professorship in Preventative Cardiology
  • Neuroscience Research Chair 
  • Pappas, Arthur M., Endowed Chair in Orthopedics
  • Rockwell, Penelope Booth, Chair in Biomedical Research 
  • Pierce, Ali & John, Chair in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
  • Siff, Robert M. and Shirley S., Chair in Autism
  • Silverman Chair in Natural Sciences
  • Smith, Barbara Helen, Chair in Behavioral & Preventive Medicine
  • Smith, H. Arthur, Endowed Chair for Cancer Research
  • Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research Chair