Emergency Management & Continuity


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University Emergency Management and Continuity Department

The University of Massachusetts takes a comprehensive approach to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from any adverse event or disruption, including all types of emergencies and disasters. The goal is to create a disaster-resilient university with effective crisis and consequence management capability.

The five UMass campuses Emergency Management and Continuity Programs are staffed by multi-disciplinary personnel in Emergency Management, Risk Management, Environmental Health and Safety and Public Safety. Each campus provides direct response and management of the individual hazards facing that campus.  While each UMass campus must set specific campus priorities and develop specific campus emergency plans, the University must be united in its governing principles. 
The University of Massachusetts System Office Emergency Management and Continuity Department is responsible for developing an Emergency Management and Continuity Program for the President/System Office and assisting each campus in meeting their priorities and maintaining a system-wide program that will serve the University's Emergency Management and Continuity Programs.  The Emergency Management and Continuity Department provides strategic guidance, leadership, system-wide coordination of information sharing, plan development, grants, testing and exercises in support of UMass Emergency Management and Continuity Planning Programs. 

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