Board of Trustees


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  • Henry M. Thomas, III, J.D., Chair, Springfield, MA, Exp. 2017
  • Ruben J. King-Shaw, Jr., Vice Chair, Carlisle, MA, Exp. 2015
  • Maria D. Furman, Vice Chair, Wellesley, MA, Exp. 2019
  • James R. Buonomo, Shrewsbury, MA, Exp. 2018
  • Richard P. Campbell, J.D., Cohasset, MA, Exp. 2016
  • Lawrence M. Carpman, Marshfield, MA, Exp. 2016
  • Edward W. Collins, Jr., Springfield, MA, Exp. 2017  
  • Sarah Freudson, UMass Amherst Student, Simsbury, CT, Exp. 2015 (Non-Voting Student)
  • David G. Fubini, Brookline, MA, Exp. 2018
  • Phillip J. Geoffroy, UMass Lowell Student, Chelmsford, MA, Exp. 2015 (Voting Student)
  • Zoila M. Gomez, J.D., Lawrence, MA, Exp. 2016 
  • Philip W. Johnston, Marshfield, MA, Exp. 2017
  • Alyce J. Lee, Milton, MA, Exp. 2016
  • Patrick Lowe, UMass Worcester Student, Worcester, MA, Exp. 2015 (Voting Student)
  • Matthew H. Malone, Ph.D., Secretary of Education, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Roslindale, MA   
  • Jacob D. Miller, UMass Dartmouth, Student, Fairhaven, MA, Exp. 2015 (Non-Voting Student)
  • Jeffrey B. Mullan, J.D., Milton, MA, Exp. 2016
  • Nolan O'Brien, UMass Boston Student, Quincy, MA, Exp. 2015 (Non-Voting Student) 
  • Kerri Osterhaus-Houle, M.D., Hudson, MA, Exp. 2018
  • R. Norman Peters, J.D., Paxton, MA, Exp. 2019 
  • Victor Woolridge, Springfield, MA, Exp. 2014 
  • Margaret D. Xifaras, J.D., Marion, MA, Exp. 2016
  • Zunilka M. Barrett (Secretary to the Board of Trustees)

*Except for the Student Trustees, all appointments are made by the Governor.

As of 8/11/14