Efficiencies & Effectiveness

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Academic Efficiencies and Effectiveness

With increased attention to and focus on accountability measures to ensure that institutions are everywhere transparently effective-from marketing to timely student matriculation-it was predictable that light would also be focused on institutional efficiencies. Most colleges and universities across the nation-public and private-are heavily engaged in activities to ensure efficiencies in all institutional dimensions: academic, administrative, procurement, IT, and energy. The University of Massachusetts is no different.

Academic efficiencies and effectiveness, generally referring to such things as follows:

  • 120 credit cap on bachelor's degrees (wherever possible)
  • Expanding online offerings
  • Requiring some credits be taken outside of the traditional classroom (e.g. online, clinical, experiential, international)
  • Expanding modular approaches to course offerings (e.g. 6 week format in Spring and Fall)
  • 140 credit max allowed with state subsidization
  • Cost-effective 3 and 4 year degrees wherever possible
  • Expanded summer trimester
  • Course re-design approaches re Carol Twigg

Academic Efficiencies and Effectiveness