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21st Century Classroom: Online and Blended Learning Conference

April 12th, 2013

UMassOnline and the Roy J. Zuckerberg Endowed Chair, Jeanette E. Riley, co-sponsored a one-day conference designed to bring together faculty from across the UMass campuses to discuss how instructional technologies play a central role in the student learning experience. All UMass faculty and staff were invited to a free event featuring University of Massachusetts President Robert L. Caret and keynote speaker Cable Green, Director of Global Learning from Creative Commons.

Link to videos on UMassOnline: https://confluence.umassonline.net/display/speakerseries/April+12,+2013+-+The+21st+Century+Classroom%3A+Online+and+Blended+Learning+Event+Resources

Conference Tracks included:

  • Facilitating student learning in your blended or online classroom. What are you doing and how do you know your students are learning?
  • Sharing "evidence of impact." How do you know the integration of instructional technologies into the learning environment is positively affecting student learning?
  • Identifying best practices. What best practices for using instructional technologies in the blended or online classroom should we follow and why?
  • Creating effective learning experiences in the blended or online classroom. What instructional strategies do you use in the blended or online classroom that create effective learning experiences for our students?
  • Identifying and selecting the best instructional technologies for the blended and online classroom. Which instructional technologies do you use in the blended or online classroom that create effective learning experiences for our students and why?
  • Assessing student learning. What assessment practices and methods for collecting evidence of student learning in the blended and online classroom are effective?

About the Speaker

Cable Green works with the global open education community to leverage open licensing, open educational resources, and open policies to significantly improve access to quality education and research resources so that everyone in the world can attain the education they desire. Cable has 15 years of academic technology, online learning, and open education experience in higher education and recently led a project to build and share a general education curriculum under the CC BY license. Cable holds a PhD in education psychology from Ohio State University.

The event was held on Friday, April 12th 2013 from 8:30am to 4:00pm at the Sheraton Four Points in Norwood, MA.  


Academic Efficiencies and Effectiveness